Peter Boyle Has Died


Although probably best known to most in the U.S. for his long-time role as Frank Barone on “Everybody Loves Raymond,” I will always remember him as the monster in Young Frankenstein. One of my favorite comedies, his performance, mostly without dialogue, has many priceless moments.


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  1. I always think of him as Frankenstein’s monster as well….and as one of the mental patients that Michael Keaton takes to a baseball game. What was that movie??

    be patient while I check IMDB…

    The Dream Team. But, it seems, Keaton was a patient as well. Obviously it’s not quite ingrained into my memory, but definitely psyche because I always associate Boyle as such.

    At any rate, sad news.

  2. It’s strange about that psych-patient association because I made that one as well (even if Young Frankenstein, and that scene with Gene Hackman is the standout). I was thinking One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest but when I looked it up I didn’t find him. Thanks for clarifying.

    Anyway, sad. He was great in Monster’s Ball and Taxi Driver also.

  3. Cuckoo’s Nest did have two actors who would later be very popular on TV as patients–Danny DeVito and Christopher Lloyd (now that I think about it, both were on Taxi).

  4. That stinks. While Boyle lucked into several quality projects in his career (Raymond, Malcolm X, Taxi Driver, Monster’s Ball), it was his ability to rise about B-level material that always set him apart.

    I can barely remember a thing about The Shadow, The Dream Team, Scooby Doo, While You Were Sleeping, Turk 182! and Outland…yet I remember Boyle vividly in each film. That’s a testament to his talent.

    Does anyone remember his work as Tea Leoni’s globe-trotting father on “Flying Blind”? Great stuff.

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