Casting the Inevitable…’Chessboard Killer’ Movie



(L-R) Real-life killer Alexander Pichushkin, Rainn Wilson (for the network Movie-of-the-Week version), Gary Oldman (for the studio version)

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NICK’S PICK: Martin Freeman (for the Channel 4 Films Production)   1004742.jpg

JACKRABBIT’S PICK: Stellan Skarrsgard (for the weird, Dogme-style Lars von Trier version)   stellan_skarsgard.jpg



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  1. I haven’t either. He killed people with chessboards, I’m assuming? Or drew chessboards on their foreheads after they were dead? Did he inspire the climactic action sequence in the first Harry Potter movie?

    I’m stumped.

  2. I looked it up and read a few paragraphs about him. Apparently he wanted to kill 64 people because that’s the number of spaces on a chessboard. Unfortunately for his psychosis, he only got to 61.

    There’s always a checkerboard I guess…oh…wait

  3. He’s been all over the press today because of his confession. Frankly, I hadn’t even heard of him until this morning (on, it grieves me to say, FoxNews).

    What a clown he is…only losers don’t finish what they start.

  4. I think he looks a little like Stellan Skarsgaard (sp?)

    Spelled Skarsgård, but Skarsgaard is acceptable also, since the letter ‘å’ is often translated as ‘aa’ in English. Pronounced like “Skarsghord”

    Think he looks like a Martin Freeman, of Love Actually fame.

    Anyone see Citizen X? One of the better direct-to-tv films I’ve seen. So good it actually got a cinema release over here, if I remember correctly. Great cast, good story (mostly true). This latest guy was trying to break his ‘record’.

    I have never even heard of this guy or his story. Guess I’m out of the loop…

    Can’t say I’m surprised. It’s not like Americans to admit that the Russians were better than them at anything.

  5. this has nothing to do with America, right?

    I assume that’s exactly what your news media thought when they decided 52 russians murdered Russians weren’t worthy of notice.

  6. yikes…what’s bringing this on?
    You insinuated that the Chessboard killer was “better” than the Americans at something.
    So I jokingly asked if this was a contest…I knew that this killer was trying to outdo a previous soviet killer, so I didn’t think this was an instance where someone was trying to outdo America. Maybe he was. I haven’t researched where all the serial killers with 50+ hits are from…maybe America had one and now Russia has two. So maybe they beat us. I have no idea.

    Is this outrage from last week’s Women’s World Cup decision?

  7. Updated with everyone else’s picks.

    It sickens me that the USA is falling behind in serial killer body counts…surely it’s time for a direct head-to-head competition between our worst and their worst. Basically: the 1980 Olympic Hockey Finals, but with knives and roofies.

  8. I assume that’s exactly what your news media thought when they decided 52 russians murdered Russians weren’t worthy of notice.

    Maybe none of the victims were blond?

  9. yikes…what’s bringing this on?

    Oh, come on. I’m being cynical mostly, and very tongue in cheek. News media in general is a joke, I just find it a somewhat more tragic one in the American case. I mean, had this guy been found in the States it would have been blown up like nothing else this year.

    61 wouldn’t even put him in the top ten.

    That was some morbid but fascinating reading. Going to try and track down Crónicas, which I remember Wells recommended. The Swedish contribution to the list, Thomas Quick, has steadily lost his prestige, as many of his confessed killings appear to have been made up, and he’s been diagnosed with mythomania. Not all, but most of them.

  10. I mean, had this guy been found in the States it would have been blown up like nothing else this year.

    I dunno … is he in the middle of a child custody fight? That would really help with the publicity.

    Going to try and track down Crónicas

    I saw it, was pretty decent. Was much more about the media than the killer, though.

  11. He actually killed 62 people but was only convicted of 48. He was deeply sadden at that. He started killing at 18 years old though. Anyway, Pichashkin was only cleaning the streets. He mainly killed homeless people or drunks. Would have not been caught is he had looked for security cameras.

    Did you know though, he couldn’t actually play chess?

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