Full Cloverfield Trailer


Edit: Quicktime trailer upped (11/19/07)

Quality: Low, Medium, High

Scaly beast from a split-second of the trailer. It appears to be utterly massive.
Absolutely ridiculous high-def screencap: HERE

(Above left: the Cloverfield Monster does a sexy silhouette dance. Right: His artistic inspiration?)


What exactly is happening here?  It appears that the woman transforms and (kills?) the two individuals in protective suits.
clover22.jpg clover31.jpgclover41.jpgclover5.jpg


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  1. It doesn’t get any real-er than this.
    They should reshoot the whole movie from a single shakycam in a theater. THAT’s authenticity. Show the movie then tape it while it’s showing. Genuine entertainment!

  2. OK. The better quality definitely makes it tons cooler. But I still don’t know about the “reality” bit… too often reality = bad acting…line delivery sounds thus far uninspired

  3. Agreed, hoping there’s a high-def Quicktime version hitting over the weekend, though.

    I’m still torn about this. The reality bit is actually what I really like (9/11-style amateur video, but with monsters) but there are plenty of reasons to have reservations.

  4. Empire Online has a better quality version of the trailer up at their site now.


    What I see I’m digging. It actually does look good. The idea of having a documentary-like take on the monster movie (which is what it looks like), seen from the point of view of the little guy getting trampled, is excellent and so obvious it’s a wonder it hasn’t been done before. But the hype on this thing is so big it might kill it.

  5. I saw the full trailer before Beowulf–I’m hoping the entire movie isn’t jittery hand-held stuff, because I don’t think I could take it. It seemed like The Blair Witch Project on speed.

  6. After watching the higher quality trailer and realizing the immenseness of the monster, it would appear that the monster is not doing a sexy silhouette dance, but two guys in blue suits are tending to (or restraining or battling) an “infected” or “damaged” woman.

    But I still like your humor

  7. Tossed a few more screencaps up (detailing the “infected” sequence Joe mentioned above).

    I still think a barely lucid, pudgy, dancing Britney Spears is far scarier than anything JJ and Co. can come up with.

  8. Having now seen it on Apple (thanks Brian!) those guys behind the drape dragging the woman look to me like people in hazmat suits, not the monster spawn that was speculated earlier.

  9. Just because I’m not tired of this thread yet, Cloverfield is being promoted virally via “Heroes” on NBC:


    Apparently the first reference was in last night’s episode. Since I consider Heroes to be…what’s that word? Oh yes, dogshit…I didn’t see it.

    Here’s my wild guess on the whole “Slusho” thing: perhaps the beverage (which contains a “mystery ingredient”) either a) triggers or b) acts as a vaccine against “the infection”?

  10. Haven’t seen a single episode of the new season. Haven’t felt compelled to. Doesn’t really hold up on repeat viewings. Probably go through them all in one fell swoop some time around Christmas. Best way to watch it, really.

    This is weird, though. A JJ Abrams produced movie and it chooses to tie into ANOTHER series than Lost? Like I suggested in a previous thread, it’s the natural connection to make here.

    Also sounds a bit like Slurm.

  11. But LOST doesn’t start until a month after Cloverfield’s release…far too long after…throw in the WGA strike and right now is the only time to tie in to a fanboy-driven series!

    PS – Heroes season2 is really sucking

  12. But LOST doesn’t start until a month after Cloverfield’s release…far too long after

    Good point. Maybe they’ll tie it into the show afterwards? Or even in the movie? Although that would also mean that Lost and Heroes are somehow connected. Okay, maybe not.

    PS – Heroes season2 is really sucking

    Also heard that, which might tie into the subconscious equation I’ve been making.

  13. I have still not managed to watch more than five consecutive minutes of Heroes. I’ve simply stopped trying.

  14. I watched Monday night’s Heroes and had two observations:
    1. It most certainly did not suck, which almost brings this season to an even “meh”. If the next two episodes can capitalize it could turn the whole season into an “OK”
    2. There was no slusho reference that I could tell. Was it supposed to be something else? EDIT: found it….lame

    However, in last week’s Journeyman (The only new show I’m watching this fall) there was a direct LOST reference: Hurley/Ben’s van pulling to the side of the rode while playing “Shambala

  15. Joe, I haven’t watched it myself – but apparently a Slusho can appeared (somewhere) in the episode.

    Believe this is a screencap:

    Apparently the cups will appear in Episode 11 (not sure when that is) as well.

  16. Ahhh, don’t sweat it. We can’t all be detail-obsessed freaks searching for viral references for sure-to-be-disappointing monster movies in sophomore-slumping sci-fi television dramas.