Aw, smurf no. It’s the smurfing smurfs



Hell freezes over.


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  1. Smelled like Weinsteins.

    Hmmm, after Alvin and the Chipmunk’s success, I really don’t know what to think. Perhaps Joe can weigh in?

  2. I said “Smurf” to my kids the other day (or maybe “Abso-smurf-ly”) and they looked at me like I was an alien. They’ve never heard of the Smurfs! So, off to Netflix and I moved Season1 of the Smurfs to the top of their queue. Should be arriving this week.
    Gotta make sure they’re well rounded in 80’s pop culture.

    As for this movie (and the excruciating number of tags put on the post), I have no idea.

  3. I say Lohan for Smurfette’s voice, Patrick Stewart as Papa Smurf, Steve Coogan as Gargamel.

    I made no Chinese New Year’s promises, although I’d also like to do longer-form stuff when time allows. I’ve got a couple of scripts I’m reviewing (one of which should get us some nice traffic) but work has been a madhouse.

  4. This is all over the press today, not sure what the delay in announcing it was. It’s now a live action/animation picture.

    Edit: never mind, they’re scraping everything and starting from scratch. Sony has picked up the rights.

  5. So much for my hopes of a darker, more realistic Smurf movie in the vein of The Dark Knight. We’ll have to wait for the reboot in four years to start digging into the psychological aspect of the Gargamel / Papa Smurf fued.

  6. [stupid unimaginative fanpost]I think Bill Murray should play Gargamel. And since Papa Smurf has a beard and is a wizard, he should be played by Ian McKellen. If anyone else is cast in these roles, I will be OUTRAGED!!!!![/stupid unimaginative fanpost]

  7. I hear that Thomas Jane is going to play Christopher Lambert role in the Highlander remake because they kinda look alike and have both made love to Diane Lane on-screen.

  8. This played before Toy Story 3 at my local theater. I think there is a better chance of my being struck by lightning twice on the same day than my ever seeing this film.

  9. Since the sequel made half of the original: the studio is going back to the drawing board and making 2015’s The Smurfs 3 an all-CGI animation feature. Full circle.

    It’s worth nothing that even though Smurfs 2 disappointed domestically, it made 276M internationally. I’m a little surprised they’re revamping the series so dramatically even with the iffy US performance.

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