Ghost in the Shell 3D live-action remake


From Variety

DreamWorks has acquired rights to the Japanese manga “Ghost in the Shell” with plans to adapt the futuristic police thriller as a 3-D live-action feature.

Created by Masamune Shirow, “Ghost in the Shell” was first published in 1989. It went on to generate two additional manga editions, three anime film adaptations, an anime TV series and three videogames. The second anime film, “Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence,” was released in the U.S. by DreamWorks in 2004.

Avi Arad, Ari Arad and Steven Paul of Seaside Entertainment are attached to produce and brought the project to the studio. Jamie Moss has been tapped to pen the adaptation.

Universal and Sony were also chasing “Ghost in the Shell,” but Steven Spielberg took personal interest in the property and made it happen at DreamWorks.

” ‘Ghost in the Shell’ is one of my favorite stories,” Spielberg said. “It’s a genre that has arrived, and we enthusiastically welcome it to DreamWorks.”

DreamWorks prexy of production Adam Goodman said “Ghost in the Shell” is a property “that epitomizes 3-D live-action motion picture possibilities.”

Moss’ writing credits include “Street Kings,” which bowed Friday, and “Last Man Home,” in development at Universal.

I love the original Ghost in the Shell anime film. Love the manga almost as much. The sequel, the spin-off series, the games, not as much. The original, though, love it. It’s the perfect marriage of techno-thriller, science-fiction, philosophy, introspection, dazzling animation and blazing action. It’s a fucked-up film that requires at least two full seeings to even get a grip on the plot and it still manages to hold my interest after half a dozen viewings.

So this getting a remake should on the surface upset me as much as Ikiru getting remade, but it doesn’t. I could argue that it’s an action film, an animated one at that, and that giving it a 3D remake might make it look even more spiffy than it has before. It’s not an affecting film like Ikiru is, but more about the visuals and ideas. Also, it’s been so franchised already, without the original hurting from it, that remaking probably won’t hurt it anyway.

I could argue all this, but that wouldn’t be the real reason. The reason all this is okay with me is buried in the article, when Spielberg says ” ‘Ghost in the Shell’ is one of my favorite stories.” Me and Stevie, you see, we know good films when we see them.


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  1. This will suck for so many reasons.

    Leave it alone!

    And remaking Ikiru is sheer gall and sacrilege.


    Certain “filmmakers” need their privileges taken away. . .


  2. I personally think Spielberg will kick ass with this remake… dreamworks…. pfff i have no doubt of their habilities…I think it’s going to be awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m happy that at least we can hope for it with Spielberg being behind it and as said before “loving it”.

  3. Another thing… please if anyone can hear me…. YOU GOT TO PUT ORIGA’S SOUND FOR THEME SONG !!!!! GOT TO !!!!
    And one of the “chill in the spine” ones… please.

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