AGEBOC 1 August 15-17


Predict the #1 film for the weekend of August 15-17 2008.

The one who predicts closest to the total Friday to Sunday gross for the #1 film wins 4 points. Runner-up gains 2 points. Predicting within half a million earns 2 extra points.

Remember, this means discounting the box-office grosses of Wednesday and Thursday.

Deadline is Tuesday 12th of August, at 6 pm (blog time).

For rules and updates on how the competition has fared so far, go to the main AGEBOC 1-thread.

Current standings

Brian – 27p
filmman – 25p
James – 16p
Jackrabbit Slim – 8p
Nick – 8p
Jeanine – 6p
Joe Webb – 6p


22 responses »

  1. Hell, there’s like three leagues now. There’s the way-ahead-of-the-others-league of Brian&Brian, then there’s the James-league and then there’s damn-it-what-happened-league of Joe, Jeanine, Jackrabbit and me.

    The sad fact is that even if one us in the third league scored six points three times in a row could we beat Brian’s current score. Not that the competition is done yet, but it’s between three contenders now. The others are fighting for scraps.

    Tropic Thunder – 28 million

  2. Hey, when is the competition officially over? I’ll have to look at the first post again, see if it’s stated…

    Tropic Thunder: 39 million

  3. If Tropic Thunder ends up underperforming, I won’t be surprised. However, I’m going with the “numbers” this week rather than my gut (which has royally screwed me of late).

    Really, I just want Clone Wars to tank. Everything else is gravy.

  4. Oh good, this thread is up. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to post, since I’ll have no internet access at work in all likelihood.

    I’ll say TT with $34 million.

  5. Barring some unexpected surge Friday and Saturday, Jeanine’s all but a lock to win. Tracking indicates that the audience is almost exclusively male, so it’s still going to be front-loaded as all hell.

  6. Completely unexpected.
    I want to do a post on the terrible decision to open movies that aren’t “must-see” on a Wednesday. There is no way to capitalize on any part of why they open most movies on a Friday…

  7. I went to see TT last night. I was going to write a review tonight but I’m just too damn tired. It’s been difficult to get back into the work routine. Even more difficult since my last job didn’t have rigid hours.

    But it’s somewhat disappointing. I don’t think it’s as good as Zoolander. Or Pineapple Express, for that matter. Like that movie, it features Danny McBride as a notably unfunny character – I’d say the most unfunny, except that Jack Black is also present, playing a character that comes across as an afterthought. And it’s likewise the second movie in as many weeks to feature a raft of supporting characters that simply don’t work, including one that’s been getting raves so far but I thought was almost embarrassing.

    But Downey’s character is really and truly a classic. I wish it had been more his movie and less an ensemble. The script sort of lets him down in the end, but he still comes out pretty damn well.

    Overall, the movie has its moments, but I think the execution is lacking in many ways. And let’s face it, as satire, it’s going after very easy targets, so it’s bound not to feel altogether sharp at times.

    I regret my high AGEBOC guess, because I don’t think word of mouth is going to carry it this weekend. filmman’s right, opening on Wednesday was a bad move.

  8. Nikki Finke reports that the studio is now anticipating a mid 20’s gross for Tropic Thunder.

    Gut feeling is that Jeanine has it, but I’m in the game.

  9. The sad fact is that even if one us in the third league scored six points three times in a row could we beat Brian’s current score. Not that the competition is done yet, but it’s between three contenders now. The others are fighting for scraps.

    Ah, but what of the bonus contests? We all clearly lost the top weekend and top summer grosser, but what about the independent film? I’m in the lead on that one, no? If Hamlet2 pulls in zilch I’m thinking I should be awarded 50 points for my trouble. Plus gratuity!

  10. Looks like James will take it this time, unless another studio has overstated their earnings once again. Fight is now over whether me or Jeanine go runner-up.

    Just broke the 100 million ceiling in HSX. A small, yet sweet, little victory. Nine months, two weeks is what it took.

  11. Tropic Thunder earned $25,812,796 this weekend, meaning James wins this one! Congratulations on being back in the game! The honorable runner-up goes to Jeanine, meaning she joins me and Jackrabbit at the top of the bottom league. Congrats? Joe now sits alone at the bottom. May this serve a cautionary tale for those thinking

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