Empire’s Cryptic Canvas


In order to celebrate their 20th anniversary Empire Magazine have had, among many other things, a large canvas made consisting of 50 visual puns on their favorite films of the last twenty years. It’s good fun if you’re a huge film fan. There’s a lot of “facepalm!” answers to the visual cues. I’ve done one of these before (for M&M, I think it was).

25 right so far.

Click the image to see the whole thing.

Cryptic Canvas


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  1. I cheated to get the last seven. Those three girls by the graveyard were driving me nuts, as was the HRH gravestone and the stretcher outside the studio. Turns out you need some knowledge of the UK to get those last two.

    Anyone want clues instead of straight answers?

  2. No.

    11 so far.

    Please no clues yet. I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from looking.

  3. 33 so far. I’m actually proud of that so far. I typically have a really hard time recalling the names of movies. I think because I’m more of a visual person, the pictures help.

  4. Yeah, it’s often a case of just watching the picture and going “I see a…” and there’s the title.

  5. I had to stop at 35 for now. I’ll probably figure some of them out in my sleep, and not remember when I wake up. I have a feeling I will never get the hard ones though.

  6. I’m at 25. Can’t understand why that downed plane isn’t North by Northwest or The English Patient…

  7. filmman – since they’re only celebrating 20 years – it only includes films from 1989 to present. Maybe that helps…

  8. I think I got 39 before I started cheating. Well, looking at the forums for clues – I didn’t look at the answers. Some of them are really hard. The clues for some of them didn’t help – I kept thinking “The Triplets of Belleville” for the cheerleaders. I did roll my eyes a bit when I figured some of them out that I didn’t get before.

    Great time waster for the day!!

  9. I’m at 33 and very tempted to start looking.
    I can’t believe there aren’t films named “Book Grinder” or “Array” or “A Dragon Eats Cars”

  10. I looked.
    No Country for Old Men?
    If Nick got that, I will build an altar and worship him for a week and post the photos on my facebook. (He has to answer honestly.

  11. Sweet, my first devotee.

    I’m more proud of having got “Book Grinder”. Man, that was far-fetched. Used the process of elimination for that one.

  12. NCFOM was actually fairly straightforward (I thought). I’m stuck at 39 and kicking myself for things that seem like they should be easy – “3 C’s” has to be something obvious, right? And why can’t the kids be Little Women?

    Does Empire have the answers on their site? I don’t want them yet (maybe it will come to me) but I don’t know where to look…

  13. Does Empire have the answers on their site? I don’t want them yet (maybe it will come to me) but I don’t know where to look…

    The last of the links (“Ten Shy”) on the Possibly Related Posts below this post has most of the answers.

  14. I am stuck on 48; the one with the little women that isnt little women and cant find any others that I havent done. Does anyone have the answers?

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