Opening in Chicago, 12/31


Only one movie this week, no surprise. Last year there weren’t any openings for New Year’s weekend at all.

So, not much else to say except Happy New Year. As years go, I suppose 2010 could have been a lot worse, but here’s hoping that we can all push our luck for a good 2011. We’re all getting old, after all.

Casino Jack (trailer)
Director: George Hickenlooper (Persons Unknown, The Man from Elysian Fields, Mayor of the Sunset Strip, Factory Girl)
Personal Interest Factor: 4
I was going to say that it’s nice to see Kevin Spacey again … except that it’s not really all that nice to see Kevin Spacey again. It’s been awhile since it’s mattered, but my irrational yet nonetheless 100% correct hatred of him continues and I doubt I’ll find the time to see this. It’s also the final film from George Hickenlooper, who died in October at age 47.
Metacritic: 51


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  1. And to you as well, sir. As I write this, we’ve got over an hour to go until 2010 ends here in the midwestern US, but you’re already bathing in the luxury of 2011. And for Marco, it’s already old hat; I think it’s already January 3rd out there.

    But in all seriousness, enjoy the new place in Stockholm. Nothing like a new year in a new place.

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