Opening in Chicago, 2/18


I Am Number Four (trailer)
Director: D.J. Caruso (Taking Lives, Two for the Money, Disturbia, Eagle Eye)
Personal Interest Factor: 3
“Slaves you were, and slaves you remain, but the terrible penalty of crucifixion has been set aside on the single condition that you identify the body or the living person of the slave called Number Four.” “I am Number Four!” “I am Number Four!” “I am Number Four!”
Metacritic: 37

Kaboom (trailer)
Director: Gregg Araki (Nowhere, Splendor, Mysterious Skin, Smiley Face)
Personal Interest Factor: 4
I’ve never seen an Araki movie, although I do have vague memories of him being a controversial figure back in the heyday of the ’90s indie world. This is about “the sexual awakening of a group of college students,” which actually sounds fairly ’90s indie to me.
Metacritic: 60

Unknown (trailer)
Director: Jaume Collet-Serra (House of Wax, Goal II: Living the Dream, Orphan)
Personal Interest Factor: 5
Hard to know what to make of this. Looks like a retread of Taken by whatever studio hack director happened to be at the WB offices that day. But I do kind of like watching Liam Neeson doing Liam Neeson shit.
Metacritic: 57


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  1. Unknown is getting some strong reviews. Andrew O’Hehir of Salon calls it “the thriller Inception wishes it could be,” and the two critics on Ebert’s show just gave it strong thumbs up. I still will probably wait for a rental, though.

  2. Went to see Unlnown tonight and for roughly three-quarters it was pretty impressive. Solidly made with a touch of class and style, backed up by an interesting central plot conceit and a solid leading man in Neeson.

    But once the big twist was revealed, it went pretty much down the drain. The twist actually stood up surprisingly well against the plot machinations that occurred previously, but virtually everything after that was absurd, especially the behavior of Neeson’s character. As a result, i’d pretty much tuned out by the finale.

    Overall, watchable but ordinary and disposable. Rating: C+

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