AGEBOC ’11 – May 13-15


Predict the #1 film for the weekend of May 13-15 2011.

The one who predicts closest to the total Friday to Sunday gross for the #1 film wins 4 points. Runner-up gains 2 points. Predicting within half a million earns 2 extra points.

Bonus questions:

1. What film will be #2 at the box office this weekend?

2. Will the #2 film make more or less than 22 million?

Deadline is Thursday, May 12 11:59 pm (blog time).

To find out the rules of the game, go to the main thread for AGEBOC 09.

Current rankings:

Jeanine 5
Brian 5
Marco Trevisiol 2.5
Jackrabbit Slim 2
Juan 1.5
Filmman 1
James 1
Rob Hunter 0.5
Joe Webb 0.5
Nick 0.5

30 responses »

  1. Wait, two weeks in and I’m beating the champ?! I feel like the Mavericks sticking it to the Lakers! …let’s just hope I don’t get a flagrant elbow to the midsection…

    Bridesmaids: 29 million

    1, Thor
    2, More

  2. Thor $29m

    1. Bridesmaids
    2. Less

    Bridesmaids seems to be getting lots of good reviews and buzz, but opening the week after there were two other wedding-themed films released I think will hurt it. As well, the trailer didn’t look great and the Judd Apatow connection is a much lesser selling point than it would’ve been 2 years ago.

  3. I’m not understanding these Priest guesses.

    Underworld 1-2-3 made 21, 26 and 20 million, respectively. And just last September, Resident Evil 3D made 26 million on its opening weekend. Can’t be bothered looking up Blade.

    There’s definitely an audience for that kind of film.

  4. Yeah, but I’m thinking Bridesmaids is gonna open in the high 20’s which would trump all of those. Especially since they all had sexy female leads, and this one has Paul Bettany. His last starring role, the fairly similar Legion, opened to $19 million.

  5. Thor – $29.1 million

    1) Priest
    2) Less

    And BTW, Rob, Bridesmaids has only one sexy star – Rose Byrne, who is only sexy when she’s properly dolled up. Ellie Kemper is cute. Everyone else – not sexy or cute.

  6. Ha, I was actually referring to the UNDERWORLD and RESIDENT EVIL movies… and I’d argue Byrne and Kemper are equally sexy, just in slightly different ways.

  7. “Underworld 1-2-3 made 21, 26 and 20 million, respectively. And just last September, Resident Evil 3D made 26 million on its opening weekend. Can’t be bothered looking up Blade.

    There’s definitely an audience for that kind of film.”

    Underworld – Hot female lead in leather, perfect release date. Clear appeal (vampires vs. werewolves)

    Resident Evil – Hot female lead in leather, massively successful video game franchise.

    Priest – Paul Bettany. Oh, and it’s been sitting on the shelf for what? Two years? Oh, and it’s tracking in the toilet.

  8. Since the deadline has passed I’ll give my explanation. In January of 2010 Legion, the first pairing of Paul Bettany and director Scott Stewart, opened with $17.5 million. That movie was rated R and not in 3D. A rating allowing teens in and the prices of 3D tickets will help Priest out. The problem is it’s up against Thor, which is similar in terms of programming, so we can’t just apply those changes to Legion’s gross (doing so would easily put it at #3), but I’ve got my fingers crossed it will be enough for #2. I’m not feeling good about the pick now, though.

  9. Did someone just infer that Rose Byrne needs to be ‘dolled-up’ in order to look sexy? Oh, thems is fightin’ words, sir…fightin’ words. She is beautiful all the time. All. The. Time.

  10. Looks like Priest will score about 6 million today! Nick, Brian and Juan’s enthusiasm may not have reflected general audiences’ desire to see P-Bet toplining a whitebread version of Blade..

    Bridesmaids is doing respectable business, should open to around 20m.

    Jeanine and Juan are looking VERY good for a win this week.

  11. Oh well. I don’t consult tracking figures or anything else industry-related, and I don’t pretend to know what horror will appeal to the weekend teen crowd and what won’t. All of which is to say that I don’t really feel all that dumb for being so wrong.

  12. Nice job, America. Now we’re going to be inundated with Kristen Wiig movies. How can people liked her? She’s awful.

  13. So true about Wiig. Her SNL skits are intolerable, although thankfully she hasn’t been dominating the show lately like she was last season.

  14. It’s like they were scared to death to give any of the other female performers screen time. Wiig still gets too much for my money. Let Elliot do more – at least she’s attractive.

  15. Actually, I think all of the women on SNL except Wiig are pretty good. And you’re right, Elliott is a real mystery, since she’s even a full-fledged cast member and yet gets almost no time.

    Honestly, if they jettisoned Wiig, got Armisen to stop being so lazy, stopped green-lighting so much of Kenan’s stuff, and replaced Seth Meyers, they’d have quite a show on their hands there. They have a lot of talent right now, especially with the newer people, but the writing isn’t there and the QC is awful.

    Not like that’s anything new for SNL.

  16. I like Elliot and Bayer is okay. I find Pedrad a little annoying, but she’s clearly a solid utility player. They need her. I certainly like them all more than Wiig.

    I think the best recent acquisition is Jay Pharoh. They’ve needed a second black guy for quite some time. Having Kenan Thompson play every single black person in the news aside from Obama was so stupid. Suddenly every black athlete was morbidly obese.

    Watching SNL now. They’re playing the corn syrup commercial from a while back as the post-monologue sketch. WTF?

  17. Thor estimated to win this week with 34.5 Million, which would mean Joe wins and I come in seconde. Bridesmaids solidly in second, with more than 22 mil. Priest finished fourth.

  18. I’ll hold on to the memory of being #3 after the first weekend of the contest.

  19. 1. Thor $34,703,035
    2. Bridesmaids $26,247,410
    3. Fast Five $20,444,270
    4. Priest $14,953,664

    Brian: Priest – $38 million
    1. Thor
    2. more +0,5

    filmman: Bridesmaids – 29 million
    1, Thor
    2, More +0,5

    Joe Webb: Thor – $33.333m +4
    1. Bridesmaids +0,5
    2. Less

    Jackrabbit Slim: Thor – 33 mil +2
    1. Bridesmaids +0,5
    2. Less

    James: Thor – 32m
    1. Fast Five
    2. Less

    Rob Hunter: Thor! – $31.99 million
    1) Bridesmaids +0,5
    2) more +0,5

    Nick: Thor – $30 million
    1. Priest
    2. More +0,5

    Juan: Thor – $29.1 million
    1) Priest
    2) Less

    Marco Trevisiol: Thor – $29m
    1. Bridesmaids +0,5
    2. Less

    Jeanine: Thor – 26.3
    1. Bridesmaids +0,5
    2. less

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