Opening in Chicago, 06/03


L’amour fou (trailer)
Director: Pierre Thoretton
Personal Interest Factor: 1
Documentary about Yves Saint Laurent. “Guaranteed to satisfy the Francophile and the fashionista in one fell swoop,” screams the pull quote. Since I’m neither (although I do generally admire the French), I guess I have no need to see this.
Metacritic: 63

The Tree of Life (trailer)
Director: Terrence Malick (Badlands, Days of Heaven, The Thin Red Line, The New World)
Personal Interest Factor: 10
Strange circumstances with two Palme d’Or winners opening here barely a month apart, but I wanted to see this since the trailer was released. It’s a very rare trailer that makes me want to see the movie more each time I see it, especially since I’ve never considered myself a huge Malick fan (after seeing Badlands a few months ago, I’ve now actually seen all of his films). I can’t really explain why I find the trailer so intriguing, except to say that there are so many shots that seem so … artful, I guess. Anyway, I’m surprised to find myself awaiting this so eagerly, but here I am. This poster is one of the greatest in years, incidentally.
Metacritic: 87

X-Men: First Class (trailer)
Director: Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake, Stardust, Kick-Ass)
Personal Interest Factor: 7
Reviews are reasonably strong, and the trailers don’t suck as much as I expected. Longtime readers will know that I’m extremely suspicious of any movie starring James McAvoy, and after Kick-Ass I’m not exactly Vaughn’s biggest fan. But at any rate, it’s almost certainly better than Ratner’s X-Men movie was, so what the hell.
Metacritic: 66


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  1. First Class is pretty good, although I think folks are going a little overboard in their praise (which is understandable after the last two installments). The cast is great – Fassbender and McAvoy turn in excellent work. Jennifer Lawrence is incredibly appealing as a young Mystique.

    There’s a LOT of silly shit (way more than I expected for a more “grounded” take on the material) and the villain’s overall plot might be the most nonsensical I can remember in any genre of filmmaking. The biggest disappointment is probably January Jones as Emma Frost. While she’s basically the character come-to-life physically – there’s no pulse. She’s a cardboard cutout, lacking all of the humor that makes the character so interesting.

    I’d certainly like to see other installments with McAvoy, Fassbender, Lawrence, Holt and Byrne – but I’d be fine with this as a one-off too.

  2. I don’t think so. I haven’t the foggiest idea how I’m even going to write a single paragraph about it at my site – I don’t really understand what I saw or how I felt about it.

  3. I saw Tree of Life today, and like Brian, I’m not sure what I saw (there were some walkouts, and the old ladies next to me were not impressed). I’ll try to get a review up in the next day or two, but I think it’s kind of brilliant.

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