Some photos from Paris for GE regulars


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  1. No headache, but I don’t have my glasses on so I’m seeing two of them.

    Great pics. Love the Poet’s Corner.

  2. Joe, I just associate the expression, not the sentiment, *facepalm* with you since some comment you made in the review of 88 Minutes (can’t bother linking). No offense intended. Just saw the statue and thought “now here’s a statue Mr Webb would find funny.”

    Most of the pictures were taken with my mobile phone camera, so it’s nice that you like them. Should really get a proper one.

  3. yes, sir, a T3i should definitely be on your wishlist…good photos for a cameraphone-

  4. Nice camera, but after my sister brought her Canon 50D to Paris and I had to carry it around for a while, I came to the conclusion that while I like the power and adjustments you can have with a camera like that, I prefer mobility and speed. Anyway, I’m not up to the skill and knowledge level where I’d appreciate a big system camera like that.

    The Olympus XZ1 is the one I’m considering right now.

  5. The new Canon Powershots are very good
    I believe they do hi-def video
    most of my photos were done on a fuji point-and-shoot

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