AGEBOC ’11 – July 8-10


Predict the #1 film for the weekend of July 8-10 2011.

The one who predicts closest to the total Friday to Sunday gross for the #1 film wins 4 points. Runner-up gains 2 points. Predicting within half a million earns 2 extra points.

Bonus questions:

1. Will Horrible Bosses earn more or less than 23 million?

2. Will Zoo Keeper earn more or less than 24 million?

Deadline is Thursday, July 7 23:59 pm (blog time).

To find out the rules of the game, go to the main thread for AGEBOC 09.

Current rankings

Jackrabbit Slim 18.5
Brian 18.5
Jeanine 16.5
Joe Webb 14.5
Filmman 14
Juan 11
Nick 9.5
Marco Trevisiol 7.5
Rob Hunter 4.5
James 2


21 responses »

  1. Seriously, who would’ve thought that Night at the Zoo-wait, I mean Zookeeper would be a bigger stain on general population movie-going tastes than TF3, which really was the equivalent of cinematic garbage, but I truly think you can’t underestimate the pull of museum relics-I mean, animals that ‘come to life’ and talk.

    Zookeeper: 45 million
    1. Less
    2. More

  2. Went to see Horrible Bosses. I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen a theater so packed. I walked into the theater with over 15 minutes and had to sit up front. And it was playing on two screens – showings just an hour apart. People from young 20’s to late 70’s were in there.

    My mom likes comedies, but she rarely really laughs. She was laughing a lot at this one.

  3. What the heck is going on? Is it me or are the multipliers for these movies WAAAAY off? Since when does an R rated comedy get a multiplier of 3?

  4. Top Domestic Films This Year Thus Far

    1. Transformers: Dark of the Moon
    2. The Hangover Part II
    3. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
    4. Fast Five
    5. Thor
    6. Kung Fu Panda 2
    7. Bridesmaids
    8. Cars 2
    9. X-Men: First Class
    10. Rio
    11. Rango
    12. Super 8
    13. Green Lantern
    14. Hop
    15. Just Go with It

  5. HP8 will be on that list shortly. If the final confrontation scenes succeed (and it seems they do) I think this will do close to Dark Night business in the US and go even more bonkers worldwide

  6. HP8 will do big business to be sure. It will definitely top the likes of Hangover II, but I think it will be a close call with Transformers 3. The last Potter made just under $300 million and the last Transformers made just over $400 million. Potter may well top it internationally. I think it’s likely both will top a billion worldwide.

  7. Brian – Zookeeper, $48 million
    1. Less
    2. More

    Jeanine – Transformers 3 – $42 million
    1. Less
    2. More

    Jackrabbit Slim – Transformers, 47 million +4 +2
    1. More +0,5
    2. Less +0,5

    Rob – Transformers 3 – 45 million goddamn dollars +2
    1) More goddammit +0,5
    2) More goddammit

    filmman – Zookeeper: 45 million
    1. Less
    2. More

    Nick – Transformers 3 – 41 million
    1. Less
    2. More

    Juan – Transformers 3 – $41.5 million
    1. Less
    2. More

    Joe Webb – Transformers 3 – $44.444m
    1. Less
    2. More

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