John Carter (of Mars) Trailer


Apparently this is something for the Internet to get excited about. Or trash. It’s always both


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  1. So he’s in the past, wakes up in Arizona or someplace in the Middle East (that they just darkened the sand in post and then he’s suddenly in Chronicles of Riddick 4 or 5 or whichever they’re on?!
    How incongruous can it get?

  2. I think I would have guessed that was a Disney movie even if I had not known it already.

    I fear for Pixar’s future if their two best directors are going to be out making live action stuff that doesn’t really stand out. Maybe both this and MI:GP are going to be better than they look but if not … uh oh.

  3. Oh, and they threw in some shots blatantly ripped right from ‘God of War’. Good one!

  4. Why do they keep shortening titles? Oh, how I pine for the day you could have “The Englishman Who Went Down A Mountain That was Really a Hill”….or however that went.
    Now they’re shortening things and making them really quite generic. “John Carter of Mars’ is awesome. Just ‘John Carter’ sounds like an independent movie about a guy stuck in the DMV waiting for his name to be called.

  5. I like Taylor Kitsch, so I hope it turns out OK, but this trailer is a little weird. Weirder than Cowboys & Aliens. It’s tough to make sense of without context

  6. One of the Spy Kids plays the book’s author, and the woman is the “Princess of Helium.” This is not helping. I’m having unobtainium flashbacks. Nick needs to come straighten me out ;-)

  7. John McTiernan wanted to make this back in the 80s. It’s based on an Edgar Rice Burroughs series of novels, so it might be sci-fi based on what sci-fi was in the 1920s, which could be interesting. But probably not.

  8. Unobtainium is a factual element, though, isn’t it?
    Princess Helium is just….

  9. All I was arguing for was that unobtainium is a possible and not all too incongruent name for an element, in comparison to how previous elements have been named.

    Not too impressed with the trailer. Reminded me of the Narnia films and I didn’t like those at all.

  10. Reminds me of Prince of Persia. Not that I saw it, but the trailers look similar.

  11. I have absolutely no idea what the appeal of this trailer would be to anyone. What is the hook? It’s like they’re trying to sell it based on the name, which is almost guaranteed to earn them a hefty 10 or 20 thousand opening weekend once the hardcore Princess of Mars fans come out.

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