AGEBOC ’11 – August 12-14


Predict the #1 film of the weekend.

The one who predicts closest to the total Friday to Sunday gross for the #1 film wins 4 points. Runner-up gains 2 points. Predicting within half a million earns 2 extra points.

Bonus questions:

1. Will Final Destination 5 earn more or less than 21 million?

2. Which will earn more over the weekend: The Help or 30 Minutes or Less?

Because The Help opens on Wednesday, the deadline is Wednesday, August 10 23:59 pm (blog time).

To find out the rules of the game, go to the main thread for AGEBOC 09.

Current rankings
Jackrabbit Slim 29
Brian 25.5
Jeanine 22
Nick 20.5
Joe Webb 17.5
Filmman 16
Juan 14
Rob Hunter 8.5
Marco Trevisiol 7.5
James 4.5


50 responses »

  1. Primate facie – $28 million
    1. More
    2. 30 Minutes

    I have no idea about either bonus question. Well done, sir.

  2. Using 3ish degrees of separation & then Naked Gun as inspiration (always a winner) I’ll go with

    Et tu, Brute? $33-1/3 million
    1. More
    2. The Beatles re-release of Help!

  3. I was at the dentist office last week when my hygienist said she wanted to see The Help, and my dentist thought she was talking about the Beatles movie. He was excited that it was being re-released. We had to explain to him that it was a different movie, and based on a best-selling book that his wife has probably read.

  4. Remember when Final Destination 5 was going to be called 5nal Destination? I would see it opening day if they hadn’t changed it.

  5. That almost looks like ‘Anal Destination’, and then we could have seen James’s reaction opening day AND Slim’s write-up on how pornography’s influence has crossed to mainstream titles.

  6. Because Cpt. Koons stuffed the destination in his ass, and then many years later he gives it to Bruce Willis.

  7. I’ll see it too. But it’s aimed at my demographic.

    I read that because of the $5 million for Wednesday they are now estimating possibly 27-30 for 3-day total.

  8. Looks dreadful to me. Like bad acting, cheesy drama city.

    These films always seem to end up being offensively condescending regardless of their intentions (possibly because they’re almost exclusively aimed at/made by white folks)

  9. It’s like Oprah’s book club and a Julia Roberts movie had a bad and the baby took a dump and they’re projecting the dump onto movie screens.

  10. The Help is aimed at the Oprah’s Book Club/Julia Roberts demographic. Just because it’s not your cup of tea, doesn’t mean it’s comparable to baby shit. The reviews have said The Help was well-acted (which I have to see to believe, because the trailers don’t suggest that).

    Of course, I thought Eat Pray Love looked pretty good, but it ended up on the Top 10 (or Bottom 10) list of worst movies I’ve ever seen.

  11. I don’t know, Jeanine…a movie about white people with black help aimed at white people who frequent a black woman’s book club demographic party thing and then watch as The Help finds her voice and the white person sets the black person free………and I’m just spitballing here……………may possibly fall under a hook of some sort of shit or whatnot. Not to jump in here, but…

  12. Anyway – there’s plenty of stuff that’s not my cup of tea that I recognize as good. The Help looks wretched.

  13. I realize we all do it to some degree, but I wish we would cool it on slamming movies we haven’t seen.

    I don’t really have a problem with it, within reason. We’re all consumers who have to decide what to see and what not to, and the thought process that goes into that is certainly a legitmate line of discussion. Indeed, that’s what Openings is all about for me.

    I think Juan’s exaggerating myself with the babyshit stuff, but all he really said was that it doesn’t appeal to him. No big deal. It’s not like he said that anyone who goes to see it is an idiot, or something like that. It’s a fine line, I guess.

  14. I realize we all do it to some degree, but I wish we would cool it on slamming movies we haven’t seen. Call me a dreamer.

    I see your point, but really: there are many, many instances where we can safely pre-judge a film based on the genre, talent involved, trailer, etc.

    Whether it’s The Help or the next Saw movie, I’m fairly certain neither is something I would ever willingly watch. I’m also not the target audience.

  15. And for all I know – both Saw 8 and The Help are great films, I wouldn’t attack anyone for being a fan of them.

  16. Agreed, though I admit to terrorizing some Cary Elwes fans over the years. I’m not proud of it.

  17. To be fair: you were just trying to cut down the competition for his affections. Most teenage boys walked away from The Crush with a uh, crush on Alicia Silverstone (or Kurtwood Smith). You were different.

  18. Estimates are for Apes in first with $27.5 million, which leaves any number of possibilities in play. Either Juan, filmman or I can be first with bonus points being a virtual certainty for at least one of us and possibly two.

    Bonus answers, both of which look certain:
    1. Less
    2. The Help

  19. I’m going to be in Rome for the next week, so I’d be grateful if someone took over duties as AGEBOC god until next Sunday or so.

  20. The Glee movie opened out of the top ten and apparently the Fox TV people and the Fox movie people are now at each other’s throats.

  21. I’m going to be in Rome for the next week, so I’d be grateful if someone took over duties as AGEBOC god until next Sunday or so.

    I’m leaving town myself next weekend, headed down to Florida, or else I’d love to. I could get up the Tuesday post if no one else wants to.

  22. Well, I’m not going to win this weekend – BUT, the fact that The Help made 25.5 million is some consolation. Unless the estimates are way off and they were both closer to 26.5 million – that would be something.

  23. Guess who won again? THIS GUY!

    Although Juan gets bonus points also for being within a half-million. Final numbers:

    Rise: $27.83 million
    1. Less
    2. The Help


    Jeanine: The Help – $23.7 Million
    1. More
    2. The Help +0.5

    Brian: Primate facie – $28 million +4, +2
    1. More
    2. 30 Minutes

    Nick: Planet of the Abes – 24 million
    1. Less +0.5
    2. The Help +0.5

    filmman: Planet of the Apes – 27 million
    1. Less +0.5
    2. 30 Minutes

    Joe Webb: Et tu, Brute? $33-1/3 million
    1. More
    2. The Beatles re-release of Help! +0.5
    -21 on a technicality since it was not actually a Beatles re-release

    Jackrabbit Slim: Planet of the Grapes, 25 mil
    1. More
    2. 30 Minutes

    Juan: Rise of the Planet of the Apes – $27.5 million +2, +2
    1. More
    2. 30 Minutes or Less

    James: Final Destination 5 – 25M
    1. More
    2. Less

    Rob: Grape Ape $30.5 million
    1) More
    2) The Help +0.5

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