Late Summer Music Thread


It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these. Any bands you’ve recently revisted or discovered?


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  1. Obviously indulging in a little Warrant in the wake of Jani Lane’s death.

    This summer I’ve been getting into KISS. I like a few of their early classics like Detroit Rock City, which is their best work IMO, but I mainly enjoy their 80’s hair metal phase.

    Songs like:

    Thrills in the Night
    Hide Your Heart
    Turn On the Night
    You Love Me To Hate You
    Lick it Up

    And so on.

  2. I was going to make up a joke about myself, then I realized that I was listening to “What the Hell” by Avril Lavigne and wouldn’t need to be creative.

  3. I’ve been listing to a lot of Of Montreal this summer. Other things in the last week or so: Robbers on High Street, Times New Viking, The Films, The High Water Marks…

    Is there a single band I listen to that doesn’t have an annoying indie name? No.

  4. I like to listen to the sound of locusts on infinite repeat. It makes everywhere I go feel like an isolated crime scene.

  5. Come to think of it, I’ve barely been listening to anything this summer. I usually have Radiohead’s The King of Limbs on when I’m writing Openings (true story), and that’s about it.

  6. The Donnas were on some Vh1 special making fun of Smooth Up In Ya. One said “You’re not gonna get smooth up in me”. I was like – I’m pretty sure they can do better than you, honey.

  7. Radiohead’s The King of Limbs

    I literally just started listening to Hail to the Thief moments ago (had 2+5=5 in my head for some reason). Haven’t listened to Limbs yet.

  8. The Donnas were on some Vh1 special making fun of Smooth Up In Ya.

    Those shows annoy me. I’m happy that they keep our nation’s has-been musicians, sitcom actors and d-level stand-ups employed, but I’d imagine it must get annoying picking off the same easy targets over and over. We get it, people had big hair in the 80’s.

  9. At least those bands had some success. I don’t know of a single thing The Donnas did other than Vh1 specials.

  10. A single semi-hit (Take it Off) a decade ago that wasn’t particularly good to begin with. I don’t know that they would ever qualify as a one hit wonder.

    But hey, they have the ability to point out that Whitney Houston’s earrings in the 1987 video for “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” are wack.

  11. Hail to the Thief tends to lose me after the first six tracks. Those six are, collectively, as good as any run Radiohead’s ever had, but after that, the highlights are more scattered. They could have made it a ten-song album, deepsixed half of the last eight, and had the best album of their career.

    The King of Limbs is very short (8 songs, 37 or so minutes), but there’s no filler, and the overall effect is pretty amazing. It’s become my favorite album of theirs, even though I doubt it would have any tracks in my list of Top 10 Radiohead songs.

  12. I’ve had to use Brian’s iPod when I go running because I’m an idiot and lost mine in a public place. He has a lot of Radiohead on it, and I got so annoyed (because Radiohead is hard to run to) that I had to make a playlist that excluded most of it.

    At work, I listen to my custom radio stations on Pandora (not the band). I have several, but lately I’ve been listening to a Clint Mansell inspired station. I love all of his stuff. The station also plays Explosions in the Sky which I really like too. I tried creating a station on Pandora with Japanese taiko drums, but I guess Pandora doesn’t have any drum songs.

    When I’m not listening to instrumental stuff, I like Arcade Fire.

  13. I just bought the new Fountains of Wayne album, which I haven’t listened to yet, and am embarrassed to admit I bought Amy Winehouse’s album out of ghoulish curiosity. I’m somewhat surprised to find it’s very, very good, and it’s been in playing in my car all week. I suppose I was put off by her tabloid persona and neglected to see how talented she was. Turns out she was a great loss to music.

  14. I always liked “Radiation Vibe” from back in the day. Haven’t really liked anything I’ve heard from them since.

    But I generally don’t like songs with choruses, I’ve discovered.

  15. I really liked Fountains of Wayne’s first two albums, but I stopped around Welcome Interstate Managers as it just sounded like more of the same. I’m loving Spotify and might toss the new album on my iPhone or something to see how it is.

  16. Also – I’m normally not into Eminem’s stuff, but someone had recommended Recovery to me and it’s quite good. It’s not something I would listen to regularly but it’s certainly the gold standard of that sort of thing.

  17. Loving Spotify (type

    in the search box) as it allows me to listen to full albums. Sometimes I like a random mix of suggested tunes, but I’m more of a full album kind of guy. It doesn’t have everything, but it has enough for me.

    New bands to me have been FM Static and House of Heroes.

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