AGEBOC ’11 final scores


Final rankings of the 2011 AGEBOC

Jackrabbit Slim 40
Brian 32.5
Nick 24.5
Jeanine 23.5
Rob Hunter 19
Juan 19
Joe Webb 19
Filmman 16.5
Marco Trevisiol 7.5
James 4.5

To find out the rules of the game, go to the main thread for AGEBOC 09.


8 responses »

  1. Nice final drive there, Rob…
    Congrats, Slim.

    Can we get a ‘wall of past winners’? Just curious…

  2. Congrats again, Slim. Way to come through in the clutch, outscoring me 9-0.5 over the last two weeks.

    As for me, I’m happy to take second, because I feel like I had a lot of way-off guesses this year. I think I systematically overestimated horror movies all summer to a comical degree.

  3. Can we get a ‘wall of past winners’? Just curious…

    The results are all in the archives, if you want to take a crack at it.

  4. I think the only winners have been Brian, Rob, and now me. Not sure about HAGEBOC–I won last year, but Brian didn’t play. James might have won the first HAGEBOC.

  5. What killed me was repeatedly failing to predict the top movie with narrower precision than everyone else.

    Oh, and James (LesterG) won one year, as enshrined upon our logo above.

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