Opening in Chicago, 09/30


Dream House (trailer)
Director: Jim Sheridan (The Boxer, In America, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, Brothers)
Personal Interest Factor: 5
Surprised to see such a good cast in what looks like a generic haunted house movie until I saw that Sheridan was directing. The trailer sure looks like it gives the game away, doesn’t it? So I can only assume that the big twist in the trailer comes early on in the movie … right? I mean, it has to. No way a marketing department would give away the big twist in a trailer like that…? But, ouch, not screened for critics.
Metacritic: no score yet

50/50 (trailer)
Director: Jonathan Levine (All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, The Wackness)
Personal Interest Factor: 7
Didn’t really like The Wackness, but this has a good cast, good reviews, and a premise that could work. If nothing else, maybe it approaches subjects like death and grief with a little more honesty and less condescension than Gus Van Sant’s Restless, which I saw yesterday.
Metacritic: 72

Machine Gun Preacher (trailer)
Director: Marc Forster (Stay, Stranger Than Fiction, The Kite Runner, Quantum of Solace)
Personal Interest Factor: 5
Yeah, well, the problem here is that they’re trying to make a serious movie with one of the very worst actors in Hollywood in the main role. That’s just a bad idea, Forster’s very spotty filmography aside.
Metacritic: 43

Weekend (trailer)
Director: Andrew Haigh
Personal Interest Factor: 7
Honestly, when I saw this on the schedule, I thought it was a reissue of the Godard film, which is supposed to happen soon. But it’s actually a new film about a short-lived gay romance. Very good reviews.
Metacritic: 81

Also this week:
Courageous (trailer) – at least this one doesn’t have Kirk Cameron
General Orders No. 9 (trailer) – clash between man and nature doc
My Afternoons with Margueritte – France, Gerard Depardieu, old lady
Pearl Jam Twenty (trailer) – Cameron Crowe Pearl Jam doc
Toast – Britain, 60s, food
What’s Your Number? (trailer) – never really understood the appeal of Anna Faris
!Women Art Revolution (trailer) – doc about women artists


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  1. The Courageous trailer makes it look like the daughter dies early on. If that’s the case I don’t know if I can see it. No matter how cheesy-hokey the rest may be, that just might be too emotional

  2. Dream House actually doesn’t suck. It’s not terribly good, either, but it’s odd to me that Universal decided not to screen for critics. It’s a decent time-waster of the kind that we don’t see much these days.

    And the twist in the trailer is revealed at about the halfway point of the movie, so it’s not that big of a spoiler.

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