Opening in Chicago, 12/02


Elite Squad: The Enemy Within (trailer)
Director: José Padilha (Elite Squad)
Personal Interest Factor: 6
A few years back, Nick reviewed the first Elite Squad, and now we have the sequel, about massive police corruption, which is apparently burning up the box office in its native Brazil. Anyone seen this yet and have an opinion?
Metacritic: 71

Shame (trailer)
Director: Steve McQueen (Hunger)
Personal Interest Factor: 9
I admired Hunger a great deal and am looking forward to this as well. It’s the first NC-17 movie released by a studio dependant since … Lust, Caution, I think? Granted, a lot of indie movies get unrated that would be NC-17 if distributors submitted them (Tykwer’s 3 is an obvious recent example). Which, come to think of it, probably wouldn’t be a bad idea. If distributors were required to submit movies instead of the system being voluntary, like in the UK, the NC-17 probably wouldn’t have such stigma and the country could take one babystep closer to acting like actual adults about stuff instead of reactionary puritanical morons.
Metacritic: 72

Tyrannosaur (trailer)
Director: Paddy Considine
Personal Interest Factor: 7
Jeff Wells has been promoting this pretty hard over the past few months, to the extent that he paid for media screenings to try to raise its profile. In fairness to him, Strand (the distributor) is an only occasionally useful outfit, but at the same time, Wells’s judgment is highly suspect and everyone knows it. Still, I respect him for stepping up and championing a film he cares about, and it does look pretty good. Nice poster, too.
Metacritic: 63

Also this week:
America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments (trailer) – backlash against fat backlash
Answers to Nothing (trailer) – Beats me. Crash ripoff or something.
Kinyarwanda – film set against the Rwandan genocide
Letters from the Big Man – a woman meets a Sasquatch
Passione – John Turturro-directed musical


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  1. I saw ELITE SQUAD 2 a couple months ago, and while it was a bad choice to watch right before my film fest trip to Brazil it’s a solid movie. Feels like a bigger, more elaborate version of the first film as it still deals with police corruption and the crime-filled streets. The focus is more on cops betraying cops though as one of them is promoted to a higher position and goes head to head with the ones pulling the strings of the rogue cops. Some pretty exciting gunfights/action scenes and intense drama ensues.

  2. Just saw Shame, and I’m mystified to what it’s about. Everything I’d read said it was about a guy with a sex addiction, but it’s not really. Kind of a head-scratcher–so a guy has trouble connecting with people, and loses himself in anonymous sex. Gee, hadn’t heard of that before! Carey Mulligan is very good, though.

  3. I felt the same way about it, and Mulligan’s performance is what has stuck with me, also. She’s one of the best there is right now.

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