Opening in Chicago, 02/03


Big Miracle (trailer)
Director: Ken Kwapis (The Beautician and the Beast, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, License to Wed, He’s Just Not That Into You)
Personal Interest Factor: 3
I said last week that I wanted to see The Grey just for its wintry environs. Strange that I don’t feel the same about this movie. Yes … weird.
Metacritic: 64

Chronicle (trailer)
Director: Josh Trank
Personal Interest Factor: 6
So this might be good? It looks like the kind of superhero ripoff that we’d expect to see dumped into mid-winter, but it’s better-received than that. I feel like I still have a lot of catching up to do but maybe I’ll get around to it.
Metacritic: 68

Coriolanus (trailer)
Director: Ralph Fiennes
Personal Interest Factor: 8
Big fan of Fiennes, and I’m curious to see how his directorial debut has turned out. The big problem here is that it’s very skeptical of any director who would cast Gerard Butler for anything; the dude is a pitiful actor. But otherwise, this looks pretty solid.
Metacritic: 78

The Innkeepers (trailer)
Director: Ti west (The Roost, Trigger Man, The House of the Devil)
Personal Interest Factor: 5
I sense that Ti West has gained something of a cult following, but I can’t say that I have any interest. This one’s a haunted house movie that seems made to be a midnight movie fixture for the next few years.
Metacritic: 64

The Woman in Black (trailer)
Director: James Watkins (Eden Lake)
Personal Interest Factor: 5
Another movie that might be better than its early-February release date would suggest. The trailer doesn’t speak to me, but then I’m not a horror fan at all. I wonder if anyone’s interested in seeing Radcliffe outside of Harry Potter, but he wasn’t half-bad on SNL a couple weeks ago.
Metacritic: 62

Also this week:
My Piece of the Pie (trailer) – French comedy about a housekeeper
Windfall (trailer) – wind energy doc


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  1. The Innkeepers was good. Like House of the Devil it’s a LOT of buildup and, in the end, that ends up being the best part – as there’s no budget for anything big. The film also proves that Sara Paxton can indeed act, although with a short haircut she looks disturbingly like a young Macully Culkin from time to time.

  2. I was really surprised by Chronicle. Definitely ranks in the upper echelon of comic book movies. Very inventive and surprisingly emotional.

  3. Saw Chronicle and like James, pleasantly surprised by it. Thought it was especially good in the middle section when the trio begin to play around and expand their powers as it convincingly felt just like how teenagers would react to such a change.

    Actually didn’t realise it was entirely from a hand-held cam perspective until I began watching it – have mixed feelings about that. Was rather contrived at times but I think it helped give it an intimacy and realism that would’ve been missing from a conventional perspective.

    There were some weakish elements (the stuff with the lead kid’s father went entirely along predictable lines) and the finale didn’t quite have the impact it could’ve. But it was a pretty impressive effort overall.

    Rating: B

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