Nightmare Fuel


My wife and I are planning a quick overnight trip with our oldest son in April.  While running some searches for hotels in the New England area, I came across this site.

Maybe we’ll just do a day trip somewhere.

Kidding aside, I’m terrified of hotel rooms to begin with (fear of bugs; fear of uncleanliness; fear of the unknown guests who previously stayed in the room; fear of what those guests may have done in bed, in shower, on floor; fear of odd smells; fear of unoffensive, corporate art; fear of room service; fear of cheap furniture; fear of weird cable systems and limited channel line-up; fear of slightly-dated $12.00 pay-per-view movies; fear of hotel employees, hotel pools, restaurants and bars; utterly terrified of other guests)  Reading that almost every major hotel in New York is at least partially infested by bedbugs is enough to make me swear off traveling overnight forever.


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  1. Interesting. I love staying in hotels. I think I get that from my parents. My father has always traveled a lot for business, and he loves them. My mother owns an inn. I’m certainly no fan of bedbugs, though.

  2. I’ve always liked hotels also. I still love walking into my room for the first time, taking a few seconds to look around and see where everything is, look out the window, flop down on the bed, etc. I don’t really get phobic about previous guests – if the place looks clean, and there aren’t weird smells, and I don’t get sick afterwards, what difference does it make?

    Not a real fan of the bedbug wave, though. Still trying to figure out how serious the actual problem is and how much of it is media panic.

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