Opening in Chicago, 04/20


In the Family (trailer)
Director: Patrick Wang
Personal Interest Factor: 7
Maybe I should check this out. It’s a debut film by Wang, about a boy caught in a custody battle after one of his dads dies. Good reviews, and a good trailer. I wonder if it’s playing 35mm or some muddy digital format, though, I guess I’ll have to ask.
Metacritic: 89

The Lucky One (trailer)
Director: Scott Hicks (Snow Falling on Cedars, Hearts in Atlantis, No Reservations, The Boys Are Back)
Personal Interest Factor: 2
Latest Nicholas Sparks weepie, about a Marine returning home and being all sensitive and shit. Amusingly, this is not the first movie about military personnel returning home to have a similar title, as The Lucky Ones was released a few years back. Sparks’s novel was released about 6 months after that movie originally premiered. Incidentally, I still get mad at all the praise and Oscar love Shine got every time I see Hicks’s name. That movie was so hackish, and sure enough, Hicks’s career since then has been a waste of everyone’s time.
Metacritic: 38

My Way (trailer)
Director: Kang Je-kyu
Personal Interest Factor: 3
Not a Frank Sinatra biopic as the title might suggest, but rather a Korean film set during World War II. There are only 5 reviews on Metacritc but still, oh boy. I’m baffled that this is opening in megaplexes.
Metacritic: 22

Also this week:
Chimpanzee (trailer) – new DisneyNature doc
Fake It So Real – independent pro wrestling doc
Marley (trailer) – Bob Marley doc
Think Like a Man (trailer) – guess that next Fantastic Four sequel didn’t work out for Tim Story


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