Opening in Chicago, 06/08


Elles (trailer)
Director: Malgoska Szumowska
Personal Interest Factor: 6
A rare movie being released with an NC-17, starring Juliette Binoche as a journalist investigating a prostitution ring. Reviews aren’t very good, but I’ve been thinking about something Jeff Wells passed along a couple weeks ago, which is that any movie with strong sexual content will automatically take a critical hit. I think that’s probably true, at least in general terms, and it makes me look at the ratings for this in a more skeptical light. I probably won’t get around to seeing it, though, even though I’m a big fan of Binoche.
Metacritic: 50

Peace, Love, & Misunderstanding (trailer)
Director: Bruce Beresford (Double Jeopardy, Bride of the Wind, Evelyn, Mao’s Last Dancer)
Personal Interest Factor: 4
Jane Fonda playing a hippie grandma, from the director of Driving Miss Daisy. No thanks.
Metacritic: 46

Prometheus (trailer)
Director: Ridley Scott (A Good Year, American Gangster, Body of Lies, Robin Hood)
Personal Interest Factor: 7
It seems like the marketing for this has been ubiquitous over the past few months, but I still can’t say that I know anything about it at all. Scott is a director who is underwhelming more often than not – almost always, actually – so I can’t say that I’m breathlessly anticipating the film, but this time of year, anything that doesn’t look awful is welcome.
Metacritic: 64

Also this week:
Late Bloomers (trailer) – romantic comedy(?) with William Hurt and Isabella Rossellini
Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted (trailer) – third in this stupid-looking series
Pink Ribbons, Inc. (trailer) – doc investigating the pink ribbon phenomenon


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  1. I was going to go see the midnight show of Prometheus last night, as I’ve never been to a midnight show and thought it might be fun, but the only options were 3D. It’s probably a good thing, I would never stayed awake. I’ll see it tomorrow.

  2. Yeah, I was considering going last night but thought better of it. Hitting an IMAX showing later this afternoon, but in 3-D (which I’m not thrilled about). Being a huge fan of the franchise: I’ll probably see it more than once anyway, though.

  3. Alright – here’s my short, spoiler-free review that will tell you everything you need to know about the movie…

    Prometheus is a big, visually-stunning, worth seeing on the big screen in 3D, bag of stupid.

  4. My review at FSR essentially says the same thing and had me leaning towards a C-range grade, but I liked enough of the visuals and actions to give it a B-.

  5. I’m trying to decide between a B- and a C+. My friend who went with me disliked it more than I did, and her first word was that it was “Bullshit.”

  6. Saw Prometheus in 3D last night – I’ll give more detailed review when JS posts his review, suffice to say that it has a very promising first half, all of which largely wasted in the final third especially. Stunning visually though, and the 3-D is very well deployed.

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