Opening in Chicago, 06/15


What a boring week.

Lola Versus (trailer)
Director: Daryl Wein (Breaking Upwards)
Personal Interest Factor: 5
Confused single-woman movie with Greta Gerwig. Because see, she’s 29, and will soon be 30 OMG! Looks marginally more appealing than Your Sister’s Sister, but reviews are harsh. Don’t think I’ll make it.
Metacritic: 48

Rock of Ages (trailer)
Director: Adam Shankman (The Pacifier, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, Hairspray, Bedtime Stories)
Personal Interest Factor: 1
This looks deliberately calibrated to make me angry to be alive. That’s all I have to say about it.
Metacritic: 48

Safety Not Guaranteed (trailer)
Director: Colin Trevorrow
Personal Interest Factor: 6
Perhaps the only decent chance for a quality movie among the multiplex fare this week. The trailer doesn’t really do it for me, but at the same time it looks like it might be a movie that’s tough to sell in two minutes. Which is just my way of saying that I don’t really have a handle on it one way or the other.
Metacritic: 72

That’s My Boy (trailer)
Director: Sean Anders (Never Been Thawed, Sex Drive)
Personal Interest Factor: 2
Andy Samberg’s departure from Saturday Night Live seems unfortunate, because as funny as he’s been on the show, I’m not sure that he really has the chops to carry films. I mean, Hot Rod had its moments, but even in the trailer for this movie you can see how much difficulty he has with even the most basic acting. It seems like SNL was the absolute ideal platform for what he does. Also, it’s hard to believe that he’s been there for seven years. Time flies.
Metacritic: 24

Your Sister’s Sister (trailer)
Director: Lynn Shelton (We Go Way Back, My Effortless Brilliance, Humpday)
Personal Interest Factor: 5
I don’t really know much about this, but the reviews are OK. The plot description doesn’t sound promising, though, and the trailer looks like very generic indie. I’ll probably skip it, also.
Metacritic: 71

Also this week:
The Girl from the Naked Eye (trailer) – self-consciously pulpy trash
Patang (trailer) – Indian film set during a kite festival
Portrait of Wally – doc about the eponymous painting
Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap (trailer) – documentary about the history of rap


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  1. SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED is one of my favorites of the year so far. (And it’s not because I’m quoted in the trailer, I swear!) The three leads are just effortless in bringing humor and humanity to their characters, and the result is a sincere, laugh out loud comedy about taking chances and looking forward instead of back.

  2. I’ve been told she doesn’t look great in person, but I’m finding Aubrey Plaza more and more attractive as time goes by.

  3. As to Rock of Ages – I’m a big hair metal fan and to me it feels like a kick to the balls. An insult. Blasphemy.

  4. Even though I’m not a fan of the music this film’s about, saw ‘Rock Of Ages’ as I like musicals and it’s pretty rare to get one in any format these days. Unfortunately it certainly deserved the critical negativity (and financial failure) it received.

    The film has numerous problems; ho-hum musical numbers, boring central characters, way overlong, etc… But I think its biggest problem is that it takes itself and its cornball characters/plot far too seriously. Only in Catherine Zeta-Jones performance and the duet number Alec Baldwin & Russell Brand have is there the campy, silly fun the film should’ve been.

    Tom Cruise got virtually the film’s only critical praise and he does display his usual charisma (and good to see him trying something different), but it’s out of place in something as frivilous as this.

    The romantic scene between Cruise & Malin Akerman where they sing “I Want To Know What Love Is” probably the most embarassing scene I’ve seen in a 2010s film to date.

    Rating: D+

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