AGEBOC ’12 – June 29 – July 1


Predict the #1 film of the weekend.

The one who predicts closest to the total Friday to Sunday gross for the #1 film wins 4 points. Runner-up gains 2 points. Predicting within half a million earns 2 extra points.

Bonus questions:

1. Which will gross more this weekend? Madea or Ted?

2. Will Ted open above or below 30 million this weekend?

Deadline is Thursday, June 28 23:59 pm (blog time)

To find out the rules of the game, go to the main thread for AGEBOC 09.

Current rankings

filmman – 17
Joe Webb – 14.5
Juan – 14
Jackrabbit Slim – 13
Jeanine – 12
Rob – 10.5
James – 6.5
Nick – 5
Brian – 3.5


41 responses »

  1. Food for thought: next week has a crazy release schedule with Spiderman opening on a TUESDAY of all days, the Katy Perry film on Thursday and Savages on Friday. Do we set a Monday midnight deadline?

    Magic Mike – 40m

    1. Ted
    2. Over

  2. Oh, yeah. That was dumb. Man…sorry, guys. Thanks, Brian.
    Let me give a final total, too. I’m all nervous cause I’m in first.


    TED: 33 million

    1. Ted
    2. Over

  3. MAGIC MIKE! $39.1 million
    1) Madea
    2) Below

    In unrelated news, I’m moving to Arizona in two days.

  4. In unrelated news, I’m moving to Arizona in two days.

    I went to Arizona once, and thought it was mostly beautiful. But I had the good sense to do it in April, not right at the beginning of July. Good going, numbnuts.

  5. My blue eyes are all the citizenship papers I need, right? Right?!?

    And yeah, I’ve been watching the daily temps for Mesa on my phone. I’m good with heat, miss it in fact from when I lived in Pensacola, but I expect this may be a different beast all together. We’ll see…

  6. What’s taking him to Mesa? Love of course!

    And I’m driving through Arizona next week…Route 66 (well, it’s 40 now). I drove it the first time 4 years ago and could only think “This looks exactly like CARS!” which means the animators’ attention to detail was spot on again…

  7. Joe’s right… I’m going to AZ because of love! My girlfriend’s starting med school there next month. I’ll be working remote through July or so then taking the next 10-11 months off because we move again next summer for her clinical studies.

    Although I may apply for a gig at that super-secret underground research facility specializing in quantum physics.

  8. AZ is cool. Keep hydrated. Get one of them window sun blockers for your car. Don’t touch the metal part of the seatbelt after it’s sat in the sun for a while.

  9. Well crap – I kept thinking that I needed to do this all week, but I had no clue. I still don’t. I’m not even going to make a fake guess since I missed the deadline anyway.

  10. …and I even skipped one because I knew I’d eventually get called out for it. I think Ted will get to 39.

  11. Early box-office estimates are putting TED at $50million. So that sucks. Unless you’re James.

  12. Brave comes in at $34 million according to estimates. So either I or Jackrabbit Slim could get a 2 point bonus if the final numbers shift a little.

    I’m desperate here.

  13. Everything did well except that forgettable-looking Chris Pine movie, which should permanently sink any hope he had about toplining studio pictures not called Star Trek.

    Meanwhile, Channing Tatum is officially an A-lister.

  14. So actuals are in, and neither Jackrabbit Slim nor I got a bonus for Brave, which split right down the middle of our two guesses at $34.1 million.

    But Rob got a bonus for Magic Mike.

  15. 1. Ted $54,415,205
    2. Magic Mike $39,127,170
    3. Brave $34,094,643
    4. Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection $25,390,575

    Ted – 40M +4
    1. Ted +0.5
    2. Over +0.5

    MAGIC MIKE! $39.1 million +2
    1) Madea
    2) Below

    TED: 33 million
    1. Ted +0.5
    2. Over +0.5

    Jackrabbit Slim
    Brave, 33 million
    1. Ted +0.5
    2. Less

    Ted – $38 million +2
    1. Ted +0.5
    2. Over +0.5

    Brave – $35 million
    1. Madea
    2. Below

    Joe Webb
    Magic Mike – 40m
    1. Ted +0.5
    2. Over +0.5

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