AGEBOC ‘ 12 – Final scores


Congratulations, filmman!

Well done, all! Close race at the finish. (Except for Brian)


filmman – 30
Juan – 28.5
Rob – 27
Joe Webb – 26.5
Nick – 26
James – 22.5
Jackrabbit Slim – 20.5
Jeanine – 17
Brian – 10


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  1. Congratulations filmman! Or…is it? There were 5 4 bonus questions that we have not yet answered, and just eyeballing it makes a case for Juan possibly taking the lead. This could get interesting

    Clear answers:
    1. Avengers
    2. ???
    3. N/A
    4. MiB3
    5. Bourne Legacy

    EDIT #2:
    OK, looking at the answers again it appears that filmman still wins, but by the closer margin of 0.5 – followed oh-so-closely by Rob who may have nailed them all! Nice try Juan (even after lamenting your first week’s failure) and full congratulations to Mr. Neuls!

  2. I don’t remember any AGEBOC being this closely parsed. I feel like George Brett in the infamous ‘pine tar’ incident, Joe placing the bat at the edge of home plate…

    It’s like the hanging chads in Florida.

    This was a very cool race to the end. Usually there’s a clear-cut winner by the 4th week to the end, no? Usually many drop out. We were most all of us in there until the final bell. Very cool.

  3. What is the answer to 2? Is it Battleship?

    Probably. Hard to find another movie that lost as much in pure dollars. But if it was percentages, it may turn out to be Oogieloves which has almost grossed 1/20th of its budget.

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