Opening in Chicago, 09/14


Arbitrage (trailer)
Director: Nicholas Jarecki (The Outsider)
Personal Interest Factor: 7
Richard Gere plays a hedge fund guy who gets into some kind of trouble. Good trailer, and pretty solid reviews, and while I’ve never been a huge fan of Gere I do think that he’s underrated in some respects. Also with Tim Roth, Susan Sarandon, and Brit Marling, so a solid cast.
Metacritic: 73

Beloved (trailer)
Director: Christopher Honoré (Dans Paris, Love Songs, The Beautiful Person, Making Plans for Lena)
Personal Interest Factor: 7
Latest from French director Honoré, starring Catherine Deneuve and her daughter, Chiara Mastroianni. Also Ludivine Sagnier plays a young Deneuve, which seems like very odd casting. Anyway, reviews aren’t all that good, but I liked Making Plans for Lena (which also starred Mastroianni), the only previous film by Honoré that I’ve seen.
Metacritic: 55

We Won’t Grow Old Together
Director: Maurice Pialat (L’enfance nue, Loulou, À nos amours, Police)
Personal Interest Factor: 7
Never seen one of Pialat’s films. This one is from 1972, and is being billed as its first US release. I should really make the effort to go see it, now that we’re here at the last gasp of 35mm, even when it comes to restorations like this one.
Metacritic: no score yet

Also this week:
Bangkok Revenge – man avenges his parents
Barfi! – some kind of romantic comedy from India
Family Portrait in Black and White (trailer) – doc about a Ukrainian foster mother of black children
Finding Nemo (trailer) – 3D reissue, which means that a Blu-ray is finally on the way
Last Ounce of Courage – some kind of generational family drama
Resident Evil: Retribution (trailer) – quick, without looking: how many RE movies have there been?


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  1. The Master also opens in NY and LA. I’m heading into Manhattan just because I’ve never had the opportunity to see a film in 70mm (believe it will be on 4 screens in 70mm in the city this month).

  2. Terrific? No. But pretty darn good, in spite of itself.
    It’s a glorified tv movie, but that doesn’t detract.
    Bad editing for a lot of it, that ruins much of the tone, but somehow it does’t ruin it overall (even with the awful ending decision).
    Bad acting that masks itself as good acting, but everyone is engaging.
    Bad cinematography that announces itself every few moments, but that doesn’t ruin the overall feel.
    Removed from reality. Not really well-written. And I’m at a loss as to why I liked it as much as I remember liking it, and why I think it’s pretty darn good, because it really isn’t.

  3. filmman’s comments sound surprisingly plausible, considering how little he and I agree. Might see it tomorrow or I might not … I’ve been hoping my usual theater would play it so that I could see it for free, but it doesn’t really look like it’s going to happen.

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