Opening in Chicago, 10/12


Argo (trailer)
Director: Ben Affleck (Gone Baby Gone, The Town)
Personal Interest Factor: 8
Interested to see this, although I’m a couple weeks behind in my movie viewing right now, so it might take me some time to get around to it. Anyway, like I said, I’m interested to see this, because I think Affleck is carving out an interesting space for himself in Hollywood, with each film as a director being an expansion of his focus and abilities, as well as his expanding clout. I’ve seen comparisons to Sydney Pollack being thrown around, and what’s surprising about that is that it actually makes some sense. And Hollywood really needs a new Sydney Pollack right about now.
Metacritic: 86

Seven Psychopaths (trailer)
Director: Martin McDonagh (In Bruges)
Personal Interest Factor: 6
I thought In Bruges was overrated, so I’m not really surprised that McDonagh’s followup seems to be a little bit of a letdown to people. And I’m annoyed that the marketing campaign is focusing so heavily on the word “shih-tzu”. I know some movies are harder to sell than others, but come on.
Metacritic: 66

Also this week:
Atlas Shrugged: Part II (trailer) – Atlas shrugs, Hulk smashes, Batman begins, Brian yawns, and Herbie rides again
Fred Won’t Move Out – indie family drama with Elliott Gould
Here Comes the Boom (trailer) – Kevin James does MMA
The House I Live In (trailer) – doc about prison and the drug war
The Other Dream Team (trailer) – doc about 1992 Lithuanian basketball team
Sinister (trailer) – yet another found-footage horror film


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