Opening in Chicago, 12/07


Sorry for the extremely brief post this week, but did anything interesting open here this week? Not so far as I can tell:

The Central Park Five (trailer) – doc about teens falsely accused of rape
Generation P – Russian film about social climbing ad exec
Khiladi 786 – another film from India
New Jerusalem – drama about returning Afghanistan vet
Playing for Keeps (trailer) – Gerard Butler AND Jessica Biel? Ugh
Starlet (trailer) – unlikely friendship between young actress and old widow
Step Up to the Plate (trailer) – doc about the Bras family of chefs


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  1. Got to think this is it for Butler in terms of toplining theatrical films, unless Warner Brothers can figure out a way to get him in a 300 sequel or prequel.

    The good news is that he should have a long career in Louisiana-shot, DTV action cheapies, where he can alternate starring roles with villainous turns in Nicholas Cage and 50 Cent starrers. Maybe he can show up in The Expendables 3.

  2. Due to lack of options, I actually watched ‘Playing For Keeps’ recently. It’s not the worst film I’ve seen this year but it’s as dismal as the reviews said it was.

    Strangest thing about this film is how it sets up various subplots (fallen soccer player finds redemption through coaching junior soccer team, soccer coach is chased by every divorced woman in town, etc…) and either does nothing with them or forgets about them altogether.

    It’s fairly amiable but very weak stuff – would struggle to be a passable TV movie.

    Rating: D+

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