Jumping the gun a little




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  1. This example of media’s ‘throw it all out there, write about anything just to get eyeballs’ ethos is nothing compared to the absolute train wreck that is the ‘Notre Dame linebacker/fake girlfriend’ thing.
    Holy hell…a miasma of false facts and false reporting and non-verification of facts and…wow.

  2. The Sports Illustrated interview is really surprising in terms of the reporter’s inability to recognize so many red flags. His fact checkers were unable to verify any detail of the interview (Stanford graduation, car accident, cancer, family details, girl’s existence)…and they still went to print.

    I’d never heard the story prior to this week’s controversy, but I can’t believe that so many seemingly-intelligent folks bought it hook line and sinker. It’s straight out of a Lifetime movie.

  3. Yeah, that’s a pretty big stretch. I guess not unexpected when your timetable for releasing a “Notable Celebrity Deaths of 2013” list is in mid-January.

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