Opening in Sweden – 22 March 2013


Opening in Sweden

Bakom Stängda Dörrar
Original title: Dans la Maison
Director: Francois Ozon
IMDb: A sixteen-year-old boy insinuates himself into the house of a fellow student from his literature class and writes about it in essays for his French teacher. Faced with this gifted and unusual pupil, the teacher rediscovers his enthusiasm for his work, but the boy’s intrusion will unleash a series of uncontrollable events.
IMDB score: 7.4
What the critics in Sweden say:
Svenska Dagbladet: “Ozone has mastered the medium to perfection. Seamlessly switching and weaving between different story planes – school life, discussions of student texts, the teacher and the wife. If a film can be a page-turner then this is certainly one.” score 5/6
Aftonbladet: “What is true and what is fiction in the texts? How make reality into better fiction? The literary references rain like cats and dogs, and at first “Behind Closed Doors” is relatively smart and funny. In the second half of the film director François Ozon has unfortunately become a little too pleased with his own cleverness and gone astray.” score 2/5
What Nick says: Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever watched an Ozon film.


Director: Rufus Norris
IMDb: The story of a young girl in North London whose life changes after witnessing a violent attack.
IMDB score: 7.2
What the critics in Sweden say:
Svenska Dagbladet: “It is seldom that I have seen such a multifaceted portrait of a girl as the one Eloise Laurence performs. “Broken” is as complicated and unpredictable as life itself in Rufus Norris astoundingly assured first film, filmed with very own rhythm and energy. It really is a shame that “Broken” has received a 15-year limit for this is a fantastic little film whose 11-year-old protagonist is made for a younger audience.” score 6/6
Aftonbladet: “On the one hand, “Broken” suffer from the typical indie film cave spirit of social realism, tragedy’s downward spirals. On the other hand, the film has a lot of charm, a quiet melancholy, beautiful cinematography, fine acting and nice details. “Broken” is uneven, but it’s hard to stay totally unaffected when the credits start.” score 3/5
What Nick says: Tim Roth stars and both he and the film have won several awards, at the Stockholm Film Festival for one. Music by Damon Albarn (from Blur). Think I’ll get around to watching it eventually.

Director: Mats Arehn
Plot description: Three older gentlemen facing a mid-life crisis win a small sum gambling, and decide to spend on a cruise ship to Finland, where all their old sins will come back to haunt them.
What the critics in Sweden say:
Svenska Dagbladet: “Bäst Före” scrutinizes the fragile masculinity with an austere vision that does not exclude a gentle humor.” score 4/6
Aftonbladet: “Best before” deftly captures a Swedish pale everyday, it is sad and poor. The risk is of course that it is … well, boring to follow gloomy types whose power is sufficient to ruin the other. Silence and uncomfortable pauses. Embarrassing speeches and pickup attempts. Depressing quarrels. The film feels at times like being on a miserable trip where you want to land as soon as possible.” score 3/5
What Nick says: The actors that they’ve assembled can actually deliver when they’re given the right material. I’m just not sure that this is that.

Original title: The Croods
IMDb: The world’s very first prehistoric family goes on a road trip to an uncharted and fantastical world.
What the critics in Sweden say:
Svenska Dagbladet: “The filmmakers are probably trying whiff up a critique of fundamentalism and conservatism in “Croodarna”. But in their eagerness to invent one more bizarre prehistoric animal after another, all intelligence is drowned in a cacophony of color and noise.” 1/6
Aftonbladet: “There is a lot of action and slapstick, reminiscent of “Madagascar” and “Ice Age”. But there are also fun lines and surprising twists reminiscent of “Shrek.” score 3/5

ingen riktig finne

Director: Mika Ronkainen
Plot description: A father and son gon on trip that develops into a musical journey into feelings and memories of the Finnish migration into Sweden; stories of shame, crime, alcoholism and family secrets.
What the critics in Sweden say:
Svenska Dagbladet: “A touching film about rootlessness and alienation. Kai is not a real Fin, but he never felt like a real Swede.” score 4/6
Aftonbladet: “There will be meetings with others who have similar holes in their self-image. Artists like Anna Järvinen and Moonlight Orchestra stand in the wild and sing sad songs in Finnish, a handle that lifts the film.” score 3/5
What Nick says: Documentary about Fins. Doesn’t sound fun, but it’s something I might watch just because of its oddness. And to be contrary.

Director: Joachim Rønning, Espen Sandberg
IMDb score: 7.2
What the critics in Sweden say:
Svenska Dagbladet: “Personally, I think “Kon-Tiki” is a bold experience in a tradition springing directly from vintage Hollywood films like “Stanley and Livingstone” or a thrilling story in The Little Guy’s Calendar from 1949. In short, a film in the spirit of those days, when the Scandinavians celebrated life and went out into the world. If this is what the filmmakers sought, they have succeeded quite nicely.” score 4/6
Aftonbladet: “Kon-Tiki” is a cleverly told story, aesthetically pleasing in a Hollywood-scented way.” score 3/5
What Nick says: I feel like it’s one of those I “have” to see, considering its Best Foreign nomination, and since people have asked me about it. Not really into it, though.

This is 40
Director: Judd Apatow
What the critics in Sweden say:
Svenska Dagbladet: “Worst is contemporary Hollywood’s obsession with a nice, clean ending. Nothing should be taken seriously, two hours of crisis swept out and cleaned up for the family portrait. Life experiences and neuroses are undone. Compare with Woody Allen in his prime, who could make us laugh, diaphragm dislocated – and when the movie was over, seek therapy.” score 3/6
Aftonbladet: “Of course it is proof of its poverty that I can get so happy when women in film are not carping magpies, and have at least half the funny lines coming out of their mouths and where adults actually behave like adults. But I become happy and laugh I do.” score 4/5
What Nick says: A few years ago I would have watched anything Judd Apatow did. Now, not so much. Don’t know what happened, but his films feel like they lack sting.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading this.
    From the revelation that if you’re even half a name, the entire world is open to you for film roles (Kristin Scott Thomas and Tim Roth) and to the name used for The Croods to the awesome poster with the shark to the quotes. Great job.

  2. I watched The Croods and Monsters University back-to-back and I’m surprised to say that I enjoyed FOX’s film more than Pixar’s. Great animation, decent humor and plenty of heart. Go figure.

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