AGEBOC ’13 – May 24-26



Predict the #1 film of the weekend.

The one who predicts closest to the total Friday to Sunday gross for the #1 film wins 4 points. Runner-up gains 2 points. Predicting within half a million earns 2 extra points.

Bonus questions:

1. Will Hangover 3 earn more or less than 55 million during Fri-Sun?

2. Will Epic earn more or less than 33 million?
Deadline is Thursday, May 23 11:59 am (blog time)
To find out the rules of the game, go to the main thread for AGEBOC 09.

Current rankings

AGEBOCSuperman_zps98d78221Rob – 7.5

Jackrabbit Slim – 6.5
James – 6
Brian – 4
Juan – 3.5
Nick – 3
Filmman – 2
Joe Webb – 1.5
Jeanine – 1


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  1. Thanks for getting this up. The day got away from me yesterday and I completely forgot about this. Hope you’re recovering well!

  2. No problem, Joe! It was my responsibility anyhow.

    Thanks, step by step. Looking less like a blowfish now, but still a bit drained of energy.

  3. Best wishes on that JS. If it’s any comfort – my cousin developed it recently and she’s doing great. Still, hope you don’t have to deal with it.

  4. Fast and Furious 6 – $79 million
    1. More
    2. Less

    And while I don’t drink alcohol, I lift my glass of water to the health of our members. I know it’s not very ceremonial, but water is healthy after all, so I think it works on a metaphorical level.

  5. F&F – $65m

    1. Less
    2. Less

    Slim, I hope the news turns out for the better after looking into it further tomorrow

  6. Geez, I hope everything is ok Slim. I actually know two different people with the disease (both of whom have had it since childhood) and they live pretty much completely normal lives.

    And to conclude our GE health round-up: I had to get knocked out and get a biopsy on Friday, found out today no cancer. Yipee!

  7. Thanks, everybody. I’ll keep you updated. I’m kind of bummed about the prospect of dealing with diabetic candy for the rest of my life.

    FF6: 107 mil

    1. More
    2. Less

  8. Hope not, Slim. I have family who got it later in life as well but as James says, it’s basically a normal life aside from having to be more careful.

    F&F666 – 92 million
    1. Less
    2. Less

  9. The Hangover is underperforming big time. Less than 1/3 of the last entry’s opening day gross yesterday.

  10. Early estimates:

    Furious 6 – $98 million
    1) LESS, Hangover 3 at $43.5 million
    2) MORE, Epic at $34 million

  11. Juan, Box Office Mojo is now estimating $96.8m putting you in 1st and me in 2nd. Too close!

    The two bonus questions look to still be 1)LESS and 2)MORE.

  12. Juan with the win! Rob in close 2nd. Joe continues his streak of 0.5pts/week. New AGEBOC forthcoming…

    Fast and Furious 6 – $94.6 million +4
    1. More
    2. Less

    Fast and Furious 6 – $79 million
    1. More
    2. Less

    Joe Webb
    F&F – $65m
    1. Less +0.5
    2. Less

    Furious 6 – $100.5 million +2
    1) More!
    2) More! +0.5

    Furious 6: 110M
    More +0.5

    Jackrabbit Slim
    FF6: 107 mil
    1. More
    2. Less

    F&F666 – 92 million
    1. Less +0.5
    2. Less

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