AGEBOC ’13 – June 14 – June 16



Predict the #1 film of the weekend.

The one who predicts closest to the total Friday to Sunday gross for the #1 film wins 4 points. Runner-up gains 2 points. Predicting within half a million earns 2 extra points.

Bonus questions:

1. Will This Is The End‘s opening Wednesday total beat The Hangover Part III‘s opening Thursday total [$11,789,463]?

2. Will Ethan Hawke have two movies in the top 10 this weekend?

Deadline is Wednesday, June 13 11:59 pm (blog time)
To find out the rules of the game, go to the main thread for AGEBOC 09.

Current rankings

AGEBOCSuperman_zps98d78221Rob – 15

Jackrabbit Slim – 14
Juan – 10
James – 7
Brian – 5
Nick – 3.5
Joe Webb – 3
Filmman – 2
Jeanine – 1


27 responses »

  1. Man of Steel is a hard one. Reviews are “ok” but it’s likely going to come in below Superman Returns on both MC and RT (and far, far below the Batman series or any of the Marvel produced films).

    My gut is telling me to expect something not too far removed from Batman Begins’ first weekend, albeit higher given the modern superhero movie craze. Basically: a subdued opening based on a damaged franchise that hasn’t produced a solid installment in 30+ years.

    HOWEVER, there’s a lot of online hype. Not sure if that translates into general audience excitement – but the geek crowd seems to be counting down the hours until release.

    So anyway – this could open to 75 or 175!

  2. Hey guys, gotten a bit sidetracked with things the past couple of weeks. I’ll be back once things calm down a bit.

    Thanks for keeping the ball rolling, Joe!

  3. I’m going to reject the result my non-bulletproof math gave me and go a little higher with $108.25 million for Man of Steel to take the top spot.

    1) No
    2) Yes

  4. James – Man of Steel $95M
    1. No
    2. No

    Rob – MAN O’ STEEL $105 million
    1) No
    2) Yes

    Juan – Man of Steel $108.25 million
    1) No
    2) Yes

    Jackrabbit – Man of Steel $115 million
    1. Yes
    2. No

    Joe – Man of Steel $120m
    1. Yes
    2. No

  5. Regardless, MOS should have the June opening weekend record locked up. Look for every damned tentpole going forward to do a similar advanced sales promotion with a major retailer.

  6. My guess is too low this week regardless, but the $12m from Walmart’s showings won’t count for the purposes of this contest correct? The $9m midnight will, but Walmart’s showings were at 7pm.

  7. I’m with you on that Rob. We have said in the past that BoxOfficeMojo is king and the question specifically states Friday to Sunday. BOM says WalMart’s showings began and ended on Thursday so should count in that day’s totals.

  8. I don’t think word of mouth is going to be very kind to Man of Steel – I’ve heard a lot of people who were unhappy with it as they left.

    One other thing that’s happened is that Chicago movie attendance is dead tonight with the hockey game going on. I imagine the same is true in Boston, and those are two pretty sizable markets. I’ll guess that Saturday numbers might be a little lower than anticipated.

  9. Saw it early this afternoon and loved most of it. The lack of recognition or remorse for the wild amounts of destruction is a problematic oversight on the part of the filmmakers. Hopefully they will fix it for the next film. But the Krypton scenes, the flashbacks, and scenes with Clark, Lois and/or Martha Kent really shine through.

  10. Dang it, that Entertainment Weekly interview with Hawke told me both would be in the top ten. THEY LIED TO MEEEEEEE!!!!!!

    Anyway, Congrats to JS.

  11. So Warner Brothers is aiming to have the Superman sequel in theaters by next year. As in 2014…with production on Justice League commencing immediately thereafter for a 2015 release.

    Yeah, that should enable them enough time to work the kinks out of their crappy franchise.

  12. Thank god it’s early in the contest, I can’t get a win to save my life. But anyway – where’s that AGEBOC?

  13. James – Man of Steel $95M
    1. No +0.5
    2. No +0.5

    Rob – MAN O’ STEEL $105 million
    1) No +0.5
    2) Yes

    Juan – Man of Steel $108.25 million
    1) No +0.5
    2) Yes

    Jackrabbit – Man of Steel $115 million +4
    1. Yes
    2. No +0.5

    Joe – Man of Steel $120m +2
    1. Yes
    2. No +0.5

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