Random Fall TV Thread


So…anyone watching anything interesting on television this season?


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  1. I feel like I’m watching an absurd amount of television lately, although several series are on probation.

    Masters of Sex has been great thus far (and reportedly really finds it’s stride by episode 5) as has this season of Boardwalk Empire.

    Homeland was a lot of fun the last two seasons, but the first two episodes of S3 have been a snooze of deja vu and off-characterizations. I’ll give it until mid-season, but I have no qualms about dropping it outright if it continues to bore me.

    I’m really enjoying Sleepy Hollow. It’s terrible, but enjoyable cheese with exceptional production values.

    Brooklyn Nine Nine has a lot of potential (reminds me of Newsradio) but I doubt whether it will survive the season.

  2. Also, Agents of Shield is essentially a late 90’s syndicated action series (from the cast, to the production quality, to the writing).

    I’m hopeful that ABC retools the hell out of it by mid-season, because it does have potential with a complete overhaul.

  3. Hello Ladies is hilarious, and I’m wondering if that wasn’t the real brains behind The Office and Extras, and Ricky was just the brilliant tool. Very, very funny show.

    And the Borgias is really good. Don’t know why I didn’t watch it before.

  4. New Girl is much funnier than I expected.
    Trophy Wife is bad.
    Devious Maids is never unwatchable.
    The success of 2 Broke Girls astonishes me, though I can’t stop watching Kat Dennings.
    Big Bang Theory consistently bucks expectations, and even this far into its life, feels like it’s hitting its stride. As sitcoms go, the ‘Scavenger Hunt’ episode was one of its best, and a great way to bring characters together that don’t normally spend any time with each other.
    Modern Family feels like it’s losing steam.
    If Game of Thrones follows the book, it’ll be the best season of television *ever*-(if you don’t read, and couldn’t possibly get through any of the books, watch the Red Wedding and then read from that point in the book…it’s nothing less than astonishing storytelling).

  5. I don’t watch television series when they air–I catch up on DVDs. Right now I’m watching season 5 of True Blood. I still have not seen an episode of Breaking Bad, though I hope to live long enough to.

  6. Yeah, I’m somewhat ashamed I drifted away from Breaking Bad after Season 2, though it was one of the best scripted series I’d ever seen, and at the time I watched, was only behind The Wire and Sopranos for me.

  7. I haven’t seen a single episode of Breaking Bad. It’s been sitting in my Netflix instant queue forever, but I can never get motivated to start it despite the universal praise.

    Game of Thrones is another I just haven’t had a chance to watch.

  8. Russell Edgington (from True Blood S2 and S5) is probably my favorite character in the series. Completely original and endlessly entertaining.

  9. Brooklyn Nine Nine is good, if not derivative of…every workplace sitcom, especially The Office. The tone, pacing, delivery, camerawork, it’s very, very Officey. And while it’s good, it’s not anything I feel like I need to watch regularly.

  10. Great idea for a thread.

    With the odd exception, I’m like JS in that I’ll hardly ever watch a show as its broadcast on TV, instead waiting for DVD if need be. That’s how I’ve watched the first 5 series of Mad Men (still loving it) and am waiting for the Season 6 DVD release later this year.

    There are exceptions – I watched the opening episode of ‘Masters Of Sex’ last week. It was OK but nothing special; Sheen & Caplan were good but Nicholas D’Agosto wasn’t.; at this stage it feels like a drawn-out version of the Liam Neeson film ‘Kinsey’ but I’ll stick with it for time being.

    The success of 2 Broke Girls astonishes me

    Saw an episode a while back – geez it was dire.

    I think like a few others here I’ve hardly come across the highly acclaimed era of modern TV series from HBO and the like. Apart from Mad Men I’ve seen nothing of The Wire, The Soparnos, Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones and many others.

  11. Hello Ladies is hilarious, and I’m wondering if that wasn’t the real brains behind The Office and Extras, and Ricky was just the brilliant tool.

    Considering Merchant had nothing to do with the dismal ‘The Invention of Lying’ suggests this is a valid theory.

  12. Eastbound and Down has rebounded a little bit this year (following a rancid third season) but it’s clear that they ran out of steam long ago. If they’d only kept their original “two seasons only” plan, it would have gone down as one of my favorite television comedies.

  13. Marco, you must make every intention to acquaint yourself with the best television ever to air. Start with The Sopranos, then to The Wire, then Breaking Bad and GoT only if that’s your kind of thing. The other 3, however…each ep is like a chapter of a novel a really, really good novel wrapped in the shell of incredible production value with acting that just stands with the best in any film work.

  14. I’m currently enjoying The Goldbergs mainly for nostalgia (or perceived nostalgia) reasons. It’s barely hitting the most basic sitcom notes in each episode and the daughter is hardly more than an afterthought in every episode, but I laugh.

    Agents of SHIELD is like a boring Heroes (which is to say, any Heroes episode after the first season).

    The Michael J. Fox Show is playing like an older sitcom (I’m thinking Growing Pains) with modern situations but jokes that would have been funny 30 years ago and now seem more quaint than clever. And they missed a perfect opportunity last week when MJF ends up playing an electric guitar in his living room but does not attempt to play Johnny B Goode.

    Modern Family is still funny but nothing new yet this season (haven’t watched last night’s episode).

    I usually stick to network TV so I’ve never have seen an episode of Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Wire, The Sopranos, OZ, Downton Abbey, Mad Men, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire etc…. but I am anxiously awaiting the 3rd series of Sherlock after catching up with it on Netflix a few months back.

  15. I thought the same thing! Why did he not at least play a RIFF of that song?
    And yeah, the Michael J. Fox show is pleasant enough, and hits some nice notes (the kids coming out of the bubbles’ thing was an inspired moment), but other than that, it’s just kinda flat, and they are horribly misusing Bunk.

    I can’t believe so many of you have not seen series that offer the best movies have ever been able to offer, in writing and acting and directing.

    And Modern Family’s episode last night was a return to form for the show.

  16. I don’t have HBO, which eliminates me seeing those unless on DVD. I gave it up some years ago when I realized I was paying about thirty bucks extra a month just for The Sopranos.

  17. but I am anxiously awaiting the 3rd series of Sherlock after catching up with it on Netflix a few months back.

    Yeah, very good show. Although from the two eps of Season 2 so far I’ve seen, it’s not quite as good as Season 1, Still, it’s a great way to present an iconic classic character to the present day.

  18. The 3rd episode is riveting & shocking. You know the event you see near the end of the episode can’t really be happening as portrayed but its bluntness still stirs you.

  19. Hello Ladies is fantastic. And Merchant was almost certainly the more genius of the two. I’d call it the best show I’ve seen this year…if it wasn’t for Game of Thrones and Curb your Enthusiasm.

  20. You’ve got to think that Larry David is going to start working on Curb again in 2014. It’s already been over two years since the last installment.

  21. Stop! …I’m only through the first season. And holy crap, there are some laugh out loud moments in that show. The back of the hand on his mom’s boob? And almost getting kicked out, I mean, I’m laughing just writing what happened. It shouldn’t work that well, but holy crap, does it ever, because David sells it as though that moment can really happen, not for laughs, but because those moments can really happen. But mostly to Larry David.

  22. Okay, here’s my issue with Girls (and the lead character in particular): I don’t like Hannah. And I’m not talking about I don’t like how she’s always naked or anything at all that has to do with how she looks on the show. I think she’s a weak character. I didn’t initially like the show. At all. Anything about it. But after finishing the second season on a binge, I have to say it really pulled two of its stories together into immensely satisfying endings: all except for Hannah’s.
    The best two characters? Marnie and Charlie. Easily. They both had focused, fully-formed character arcs that ended in a very pleasing, at times uncomfortable process. Marnie didn’t need Charlie to be complete, she wanted Charlie because it’s something she simply wants, to the core of her being. And it’s beautiful. And the two actors play it perfectly, from the ‘Uncomfortable Karaoke’ scene (that should be a thing now at karaoke group parties, though I know it wasn’t ‘technically’ karaoke, I suppose) up to the restaurant battle before he tells her he loves her. They each took their space, she refused to take ‘no’ for an answer and each found what they wanted. Very well done.
    Hell, even Adam’s short relationship with Natalia was a minor wonder to behold as she taught him to be less of a neanderthal in bed, taking the time to stick with it through her friend’s protestations at his looks to a very scary and unpleasant bedroom scene that was one of the best directed television scenes I’ve seen this year if only for how fearless it was. Again, well done, and nicely done giving the ‘Ape’ an arc.
    But back to Hannah. I don’t buy it. And I’m not downplaying her illness at all, as I know it’s a very serious thing, but for her to flounder as long as she is, to get this bad without anyone not only not noticing, but her friends, who are such good friends, not stepping in before the ‘head turn’ phone call with Adam? I just think it’s being written more for shock than any natural view of illness. Again, I’m not taking anything away from her or the performance or the handling of it within the show (and Adam’s run to her was a rather nice touch, but again, *for Adam*).
    And I haven’t even touched on the strange arc for Jessa, which, if they wanted to do that, they should surely spend more time focused on her and the Shoshanna thing? Come on, you can only yell inside a glass case of emotion so many times before a friend says ‘You two have to do something here, if only for the sake of each of you separately’. Though the fight they had where he tries to chastise her for chastising him was a very good scene. I just think it’s not being handled well, either. But two really, really strong character arcs is better than none at all, I suppose.

  23. I wasn’t overly-impressed with the first season of Curb Your Enthusiasm.
    But the second season so far is some of the funniest television I’ve ever seen.

  24. SO…sticking with The Goldbergs has been quite fun. Their Goonies episode was practically perfect.
    Anywho, I received this little fun confirmation today

    “Hi Joe,

    Thank you for RSVPing to join the cast of ABC’s The Goldbergs
    Monday, May 5 at 7:00PM
    At the Letterman Digital Arts Center Premier Theater
    For a special advanced screening of “A Wrestler Named Goldberg”
    Featuring a “Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi” related storyline

    You have been confirmed to join us for this special trip down memory lane to the 1983 premiere of “Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi”
    as seen through the eyes of Adam F. Goldberg on his hit autobiographical sitcom, The Goldbergs.
    Immediately following the screening will be an audience Q&A with cast and executive producers:
    Wendi McLendon-Covey, Jeff Garlin, Hayley Orrantia, Sean Giambrone, Doug Robinson and Adam F. Goldberg

    · Costumes encouraged!!! Please note costumes should be able to clear a standard door frame and you should be able to sit comfortably. No fire, pets, weapons, roller skates, roller blades, skateboards or scooters.

    · No photography will be permitted during the screening. Photography is only allowed in the Lucasfilm lobby.

    Before parenting blogs and peanut allergies, there was a simpler time called the ‘80s, and a loving but loud family called The Goldbergs. For geeky young Adam these were his wonder years, and he captured every crazy moment with his video camera. In “A Wrestler Named Goldberg,” Adam blackmails Erica to take him to opening night of “Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi” but when things don’t go as planned, will she be able to make it right? Meanwhile, Murray and Pops convince Barry to lie about joining the wrestling team to dupe an overprotective Beverly. When the truth comes out, Beverly takes matters into her own hands.”

  25. Very cool. Are you wearing a costume?
    And yeah, the show is pretty damn funny and pitch-perfect.

  26. Louie: Elevator Part 6 is simply an astonishing piece of television.
    It’s a 22 minute art film. And a brilliant one at that.

  27. Anyone watching Fargo? They’ve stumbled a few times, but it’s a pretty worthy companion to the film if you can accept that the Coens involvement (as Executive Producers) is minimal.

    Lots of little easter eggs, some subtle and some not (Buscemi’s buried briefcase makes an appearance). Hope they do another season.

    I’m really amazed by Jeff Russo’s score, it’s feature film-quality on a cable budget. There’s a little Carter Burwell in the main theme, but the rest is original.

  28. Did that really happen? Did FX really let Louie release a 94 minute episode about how parents never face their past when dealing with the present (in the form of their children) so prophetic in its symbolism it’s a fucking modern-day fable starring Jeremy Renner? Did that really happen? Astounding. He’s changing the landscape of television, of what’s possible on television, and it’s remarkable to witness.

  29. So I started Sex and the City, from the beginning, and I’m on episode 7, I mean, it won like copious emmy’s and writing and directing awards and I’m only 7 episodes in and I already want to lobotomize myself with a hammer.

  30. So I’m doing a sociological study between Girls and Sex and the City and The L Word, and how the two shows dealt with sexuality in women and the place of women in a patriarchal society. And I’ve had it explained to me why Sex and the City is the way it is in its depiction of the sex lives of women, but I can’t fully accept the rationale explained to me and it still remarkably strikes me as a vision of women written by homosexual men (I’m not saying the writers were homosexual, I’m saying that’s what it feels like) and Girls seems like a hipster Brooklyn version of how every young woman in New York wants to view herself (not that there’s anything wrong with it, but that it doesn’t represent *women*, or even a cross-section of all women). I’m not sure any of them could, but I felt Looking handled sexuality and a cross-section of men (albeit in San Francisco) that better represented how homosexual men interact, with varied characters and drama and I really somewhat enjoyed Girls despite of itself (mainly due to the Adam character adding something intensely personal that Sex and the City never had). I’m having the most difficult time getting through Sex and the City, and have yet to get to the L Word, but I don’t buy that Sex and the City is a proper depiction of women and women’s sexuality. It’s a caricature and it’s insanely vacuous.

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