Random Thread for November, 2013


Did you know that Jingle Bells was originally a Thanksgiving song?


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  1. I can finagle that if you want. Should we have Instagram & Pinterest as well? You know, to attract the teen & female demographics. We have the 6-men-over-30 set nailed! And we seem to have misplaced our Swede…

  2. The best acting example of a an actor you never knew was in the movie was the phenomenal job Edward Norton did in Kingdom of Heaven.

  3. Again, Marco, thanks for the heads-up on that website ‘The Dissolve’. The articles and features just get better and better.

  4. Monty Python is reuniting to perform some shows in London. While there’s little possibility of it being more than a depressing nostalgia trip: I’d see them in a heartbeat if they come to NYC.

  5. I’m wondering if they will just do old bits or write something new (or maybe a combination). It would be hard to resist doing the parrot sketch or the argument sketch, but you’re right, it would have an element of sadness at how old they are.

  6. Yeah, even the “newer” bits they’ve done in previous reunions/specials consisted of lazily-recycled material. Spamalot felt depressing to me and they weren’t even in it.

    If they are preparing new sketches: I’d love to see them get an assist from some younger writers. Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright could probably knock something out of the park.

  7. Yeah, even the most ardent fans of Monty Python would have to admit – Gilliam as director apart – none of them have produced much of value in the film/TV sphere in the last 25 years.

    Looking through John Cleese’s acting record of the past couple of decades I was struck by two things – how surprisingly prolific he has been and how dismal the standard of work (especially in film) has been.

  8. I enjoyed a Fish Called Wanda (and even the more Python-esque Fierce Creatures, although I know I’m flying solo on that one) but that’s about it in terms of worthwhile output from Cleese. Palin made a series of well-regarded travel documentaries but I’ve never seen any of them. Idle succeeded with Spamalot, but as I mentioned: it was little more than a rehash of old material. I have no idea what Jones has been doing.

  9. Terry Jones has amongst other things been working and presenting a range of historical documentaries on the Middle Ages and Roman Eras.

    Like Palin’s travel work, they’ve been highly acclaimed but I guess my point was that – Gillam aside – none of them have really done significant film work post-Wanda and Idle & Cleese have been in a lot of TV/film drek especially

  10. What is happening with FilmDistrict’s marketing for Oldboy? Opens in five days with absolutely zero buzz. I have yet to see a television spot, an interview with one of the stars…anything.

    With Brolin heading to rehab, did they just decide to dump it?

  11. Whoa. That opens in 5 days? I haven’t seen or heard a thing. There was an article on Dissolve about Spike Lee, but that’s been it, and I hadn’t even connected it with Oldboy.
    The title was something like ‘At 40 years old, Spike Lee has made his first ‘film”. I know what they’re saying with the title, but it still felt strange because Do the Right Thing is one of the best American ‘films’ ever.

  12. It’s looking like a classic studio dump…on one of the most visible release dates of the year.

    FilmDistrict’s Drive or Lockout look like The Avengers in terms of marketing spending compared to this. Would love to know what happened.

  13. Read a few things earlier: the embargo isn’t lifted until Tuesday at 3:00 pm and they cut the release to 500 theaters.

    This is a pretty high profile director/cast/property to just dump like this. It must either be a) truly awful b) the victim of some massive behind-the-scenes drama.

    Who would think that Red Hook Summer would have had a stronger marketing presence than this?

  14. Elizabeth Olsen was on The Daily Show plugging Oldboy, but that’s all I’ve seen.

    In other news, there will be an Alice in Wonderland 2, with Johnny Depp, who proves that despite his indie cred, he will do almost anything for the paycheck (it won’t be directed by Tim Burton).

  15. With the embargo lifted: Oldboy is at 44% on RT.

    Yeah, that’s not terrific – but certainly not indicative of some horrific embarrassment worthy of dumping into 500 theaters with no advertising.

    I really can’t wait to find out what the hell happened here. I’m sure Spike Lee will unleash his side of the story sooner rather than later.

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