HAGEBOC 2013 – Warm Up Round


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Welcome to HAGEBOC 2013!  Before the official kick off next week, we’re going to have a quick warm up round for Thor: The Dark World to get everyone back into the swing of things.

A few changes this year:

  • I’d like to try collecting everyone’s numbers via Facebook or email (as I think it would help weekly participation) going forward.  Please let me know your preference with your guess below.  For transparency: I will continue to post my picks in the comments of each week’s thread.
  • There will be a prize this year.  Ooooooh!
  • Longer deadlines: unless otherwise noted, you will have until 7:00 am EST on the day of new releases (typically Friday, but often Wednesday as we move later in the season) to make your picks.
  • Bonus questions: I miss Nick’s usage of long range bonuses.  There will be a handful in next week’s post.

More to come, but let’s get started with this week’s questions:

1) Estimate Thor: The Dark World‘s weekend gross

2) Will Thor: The Dark World‘s Rotten Tomatoes score be above or below 65%?

2) What percentage will Ender’s Game drop in it’s second weekend?


19 responses »

  1. I can’t believe I have to write this, but I think this movie is going to open huge, for reasons beyond my ability to understand.

    1. 95 million
    2. Below
    3. 65%

  2. Estimates are all over the place right now. I’ve seen a low of 70 and a high of near 90. Going to be interesting to see Saturday’s numbers.

  3. Yep, looks like Rob and Juan walk away with points for Thor’s gross. The film is sitting at 66% on RT so everyone but Filmman gets a half point on that one.

    Filmman should (with actuals, I bet) get the bonus for Ender’s Game’s % drop.

    Scores will be up with actuals tomorrow and next week’s contest should be live by Tuesday AM.

  4. Actuals are in:
    1) Thor’s weekend gross was $85,737,841
    2) Thor’s RT score just barely remained above 65% (66% as of yesterday) so the winning answer remains “Over”
    3) Ender’s Game fell off a cliff with a whopping 62.1% drop. Juan scores 1/2 point.

    Because this was a warm-up round: everyone also scores 1/2 point for participation.

    Welcome to HAGEBOC 2013!

  5. Scores:
    Rob – 4 (Q1) + .5 (Q2) + .5 (Warm-up Bonus) = 5
    Juan – 2 (Q1) + .5 (Q2) + .5 (Q3) + .5 (Warm-up Bonus) = 3.5
    Jackrabbit Slim – .5 (Q2) + .5 (Warm-up Bonus) = 1
    Joe – .5 (Q2) + .5 (Warm-up Bonus) = 1
    James – .5 (Q2) + .5 (Warm-up Bonus) = 1
    Filmman – .5 (Warm-up Bonus) = .5

  6. Come on…this is why I stopped before. Rob obviously has access to the command center and no one else has a chance.

  7. If only it were that easy filmman. Instead I actually have to give it some thought for a couple minutes before simply guessing.

  8. You know, you’re not very nice to nerds.
    I have a very distinct and impressive algorithm I use that takes into account international actuals, the shape of the stars and whether or not Jerry Bruckheimer is a porducer.

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