Movies that opened in Connecticut – Weekend of January 3rd, 2014


We exit two months of Hollywood’s best and step into the literal hell that is January at the movies:  a dumping ground for near-unreleasable studio crap, the occasional smart counter-programming move and films that wildly missed the mark in terms of competing in Awards season.

2014’s inaugural box office weekend has a latino-flavored horror sequel and an actual Mexican-made horror film.  I’m seeing a trend.   

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones:  The fifth installment in Paramount’s insanely successful franchise (755.3 million worldwide gross from a total franchise production cost of just 18 million!) is mostly notable for it’s all-Latino cast, a true rarity in studio releases.  While I applaud this obvious, marketing-driven decision: it sounds like the film itself is a stinker.

Personal interest factor: 1.  Although I’m sure I’d be a devotee of the series if it had arrived twenty years earlier.

Here Comes the Devil (Ahi viene el diablo):  Possessed children tale from Mexico.  Literal translation is “Hot plate of the Devil”.  Looks cheap and terrible, like most Magnet Releasing pick-ups.

Personal interest factor: 1


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  1. THE MARKED ONES is actually pretty okay… not all that scary, but the movie and characters are fun. HERE COMES THE DEVIL though is an aggressively uglyterrible turd.

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