Pageview bait / celebrity photo post – Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne at last night’s Knicks game



Actress Michelle Rodriguez and model/actress Cara Delevingne (who stars in Michael Winterbottom’s upcoming film based on the Amanda Knox case) at last night’s Knicks game.  I am in love with every photo in this set.

Someone must immediately begin writing a road trip comedy for the two of them that is equal parts Harold and Kumar, Smiley Face and Spring Breakers.

My personal favorite:


I want a mural-sized version of that in my office.


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  1. And yes, this post is exactly as advertised. Beyond truthfully finding the photos absolutely delightful, I’m testing this to see get a better idea of how we get pageviews. Please excuse this brief foray into TMZ territory.

  2. You didn’t put the pictures of them making out!

    That’s the most animated I’ve ever seen Michelle Rodriguez. I believe we have a post somewhere on her showing her limited range of facial expressions in films.

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