Castello Cavalcanti – A Wes Anderson Short


This (advertisement for?) PRADA funded short is fully self-contained (unlike Hotel Chevalier which needed a little fleshing out in the Darjeeling Limited). The “we’re ancestors” line makes me laugh.


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  1. I didn’t know until fairly recently that Anderson had a fairly substantial career directing adverts inbetween his film work. My reaction to this (apart from surprise) is ‘Why?’

    Maybe I’m a bit old-fashioned in this (The Dissolve devoted a gushing article totally devoted to his ad work), but as clearly a filmmaker of substance doing adverts (no matter how high class they are) seems like a pretty significant step backwards artistically into being a corporate huckster. Surely he’d have enough wealth to do short films as mini-independent works if he’s that desperate to do them?

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