Random Thread for April 2014


Giving new meaning to the term “binge” viewing.

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  1. $99.00 is a deal killer. While it’s speedy and comes with a questionable gaming component (but you’ll have to plunk down another $40.00 bucks for a controller) Roku / Chromecast offer almost all the same functionality at half the cost.

    I was actually holding off purchasing the Roku stick (as my older box, which has been banished to our bedroom, isn’t compatible with VUDU) pending this announcement, but I’ll have no problem ordering it now.

    My guess is that you’ll see a significant reduction from Amazon by the Holidays.

  2. I did pick up a Chromecast as an impulse purchase and barely use it. I just can’t get used to surfing content using only my iPad / iPhone. Roku’s stick seems to solve the problem.

  3. In news that will surprise no one: David Letterman’s late night show will end in 2015.

    It’s ridiculously overdue (as in: by 22 years) but his NBC days really were magical.

  4. The death of Mickey Rooney makes one think whether we’ll ever see someone have an acting career of the length and depth and variety like his again? Probably unlikely.

    What is striking about looking over his acting career is that even in the 2000s he was incredibly busy, starring in what seem to be a plethora of obscure titles (presumably films for children). He was probably known by most film fans today not so much for one particular role but being a Hollywood icon who worked through the entire sound era of film.

    His career was so varied that most of the obits will probably fail to mention the 1960 film he starred and co-directed ‘The Private Lives of Adam & Eve’ (which I saw a long time ago), one of the strangest films you’re likely to see.

  5. Unless Dakota Fanning keeps acting into her 90s. Rooney appeared in films in ten (!) different decades.

    He is also the last of the principals alive from It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. (I’m talking about those who at the end are at the “Big W.” Some who had cameos, like Jerry Lewis, are still alive).

  6. I watched SWAT (2003) this morning for the first time in a while. I maintain that it’s a perfectly serviceable b-level action picture.

  7. I watched The Internship this morning. I maintain that the ‘call center montage’ is the apotheosis (and also low water mark) for ‘in-film advertising synergy’ at such an astonishing level that it’s difficult to believe they based a sequence around telling people how great a ‘product’ is by filming a call center montage within a movie that’s basically just one large ‘corporate advertising montage’.

  8. He is also the last of the principals alive from It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. (I’m talking about those who at the end are at the “Big W.” Some who had cameos, like Jerry Lewis, are still alive).

    Apart from Lewis and Carl Reiner, I can’t think of any others who had speaking parts who are still alive.

  9. Barrie Chase, who played Dick Shawn’s bikini-clad girlfriend, is still alive. I believe she has one line, when she throws the phone to him: “Sylvester, It’s your mom.”

  10. Don’t know why this review is being published now as its weeks away from getting released, but a local media outlet here in Oz has given a lukewarm review to the upcoming Spiderman film.

    Even though I quite liked the first movie in the reboot (much preferred Garfield in the role over McGuire), the trailer had such a ‘been there, done that’ feel to it that it just killed any interest I had in seeing this. Plus, the absurdly excessive running time (143 minutes) doesn’t help matters.

  11. Anyone watch Fargo last night? I was pretty impressed. Thornton excels as some kind of roving agent of chaos and it’s nice seeing Martin Freeman take on a character completely different than any he’s played.

    I’m not sure how much actual involvement the Coens have (beyond their Executive Producer credits) but it truly feels like part of their universe. Curious to see where it goes.

  12. Very, very well-made. Engaging, fantastic performances across the board, twists that weren’t at all apparent, and I look forward to the ensuing chapters.
    But, man, really, I don’t have a problem with violence, I really don’t, and I was happy to see the sex included, too (though in the context, it’s only shown as something violent and dirty, and engaged in a maintenance closet-when will we view, and be able to show, sex as something wonderful, in no context but sex itself?) and the violence, and I’m mainly talking about the repeated use of a hammer, just feels so gratuitous.
    And to answer my own question, sex will never be viewed as something just to show so long as religion has a stranglehold on everything. It must remain dirty, something only engaged in if you’re getting murdered or banging a family member or you’re a gigolo with a huge penis or yoiur family is so messed up you can only have sex with a car thief or-I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point. Or maybe I haven’t.

  13. So Bryan Singer has been accused of drugging, raping and threatening a 17 year old back in 1999. It’s a civil case and everyone has lawyered up (Singer has hired unrelated legal force of nature, Marty Singer). Obviously the timing couldn’t be worse for FOX, which is releasing Singer’s mega-budget fifth X-Men film in a month.

    I think anyone who has read a gossip column in the past decade has heard whispers of sketchy behavior on Singer’s part, but this is the only the second time something has really hit the press (some may remember the Apt Pupil case back in 98). Lord knows if any of this is true, but I’d expect a quick settlement and non-disclosure agreement to happen quick.

  14. I was giving recent examples. That one is Shameless. Good show, for sure, but wonky motivations for the sex. She spurns the cop but wants the car thief? Sure, she can’t have a relationship, the way her family is, but wouldn’t the strength and comfort of having sex with the cop be a good counterpoint to the messy family situation, and can’t a piece of entertainment show sex in that light?

  15. No sign of a settlement in the Singer case, which has got to be causing an enormous headache for FOX.

    If he can’t make this go away in the next two weeks…wowza. They need this out of the news cycle well before by May 20th. I have to assume he’ll step away from X-Men: Apocalypse (which is in pre-production) if this is on-going.

    Regardless, I’m more excited for X-Men: Days of Future Past than any Summer blockbuster in years.

  16. So can he come back from this?

    And is ‘superhero fatigue’ ever going to set-in?

  17. Singer should be fine as long as this doesn’t linger too long and FOX doesn’t force him off X-Men. If this ends up being a long legal battle that he loses – yeah, he’s in big trouble but look at Victor Salva.

    Salva raped a little kid repeatedly, filmed it, was arrested, plead guilty, served 15 months in prison and still directed a film for Disney 7 years later. Singer will have no problem finding work.

  18. To make it a little worse: Salva was released from prison in 1992. His deal with Disney had to come together no later than 93 or very early 94. That’s absurdly fast.

  19. What of AGEBOC this year? NIck shows no signs of returning. Joe are you up to the job again this year? We should probably start with Spider-Man’s opening.

  20. Is no one going to watch the Soderbergh cut of Heaven’s Gate in the link above?

  21. ROB! Good to see ya!

    Slim, I was thinking the same thing about Nick. I’d love to get the ball rolling. There may be a few weeks this summer where I’m out, but I Should be able to handle the load.

    Filmman, I’ve never seen the original Heaven’s Gate, so I have no interest in a heavy cut. Sorry!

  22. Rob! It’s been too long, sir!

    Excited for AGEBOC, I agree that Spider-Man 2 is the best kick-off point.

    And never seen Heaven’s Gate either. I might try and watch the Soderbergh version if I have time.

  23. It’s an astonishing edit, considering it feels like this is what was in the film all along. And how have the two of you never seen Heaven’s Gate?
    I’m having difficulty putting forth exactly how I think it makes that movie the near-masterpiece it deserves to be, why he would do it, why he wanted to post it, and how remarkable the entire thing seemed to turn-out. It’s as if the movie has come full-circle, prescient then and even more-so now, done with an economy of edit that should be taught in film schools for a long time to come.

  24. I understand what the reviews were, and I still can’t believe none of you have seen it.

  25. lol. I’m not talking about missing Cutthroat Island or Ishtar or even The Room. This is *Heaven’s Gate*. Alright, alright…I’ll stop. It’s just surprising, is all.

  26. I got this email:

    Good afternoon Jackrabbit Slim,

    I hope you are well! My name is Allison and I am from a film distribution company based out of Toronto called 108 Media. Here at 108, we are focused on providing edgy and meaningful content. Accordingly, we would like to bring to your attention the stunning dramatic thriller by Austrian director Markus Blunder, Autumn Blood – ​a film that I am confident will resonate well with Gone Elsewhere’s audience . We are only approaching a few select media outlets and feel your history of writing reflects the subject perfectly. Autumn Blood features an intriguing cast, including Australian actress Sophie Lowe and Swedish actors Peter Stormare and Gustaf Skarsgard. ​

    High in the mountains on a secluded farm, a widowed mother dies leaving her two children alone and orphaned. Fearing being taken away and split up they keep their mother’s death a secret and survive off the land with no one to rely on but each other. The sixteen-year-old sister is one with nature, innocent, and unaware of the evils that exist in mankind. Her ten-year-old brother is traumatized and mute from witnessing a disturbing incident years earlier (the death of his father) involving the town’s Mayor. As the girl transitions into womanhood, a harsh brutality destroys her innocence when savage hunters let by the Mayor’s son attack and rape her. A social worker from a distant city arrives to investigate but ultimately it is the siblings who must come of age to protect each other and survive.

    “Autumn Blood emphasizes atmosphere over all of its other constituting parts, with moody cinematography that is equally beautiful and haunting. With a tight and elemental screenplay, evocative soundtrack and menacing performances from Swedish actors Peter Stormare and Gustaf Skarsgård, Autumn Blood lingers long after credits roll.”
    – Stockholm Film Festival

    WINNER Best Feature – San Diego Film Festival 2013
    WINNER Best Narrative Feature – Hollywood Film Festival 2013

    This visual masterpiece is set to be released on May 6. If you are interested in this film, we ask that your review be posted on or close to this release date. It would also be greatly appreciated if you could include that it is AVAILABLE on iTunes and VOD. A link can be provided closer to the release date.​

    Thank you for your time. Please let me know if you are interested in Autumn Blood. I would be more than happy to send you a secure online screener.

    Kind regards,

    Allison Tunnoch
    Publicist, 108 Media Corp
    allisontunnoch@108mediacorp.com | 1.647.837.3312 (office)

    I’m not interested in reviewing it, but if anyone else is, get in touch with her (maybe you guys got emails, too).

  27. Suck it up, man…Take one for the team and review it for a GEE™ that we’ve been sorely missing! Your history of writing reflects the subject perfectly! haha

    Happy Birthday, by the way.

  28. It’s quite amazing how much widespread excitement and anticipation there is over this new Star Wars film, considering that nobody (especially ultra-fans) didn’t particularly like the 1999-2005 trio of films.

    Were the original trio of films that great that they going to have a neverending hold over the general public? I liked them as a kid but haven’t had any interest in them for decades. Is there a element of conformity in being part of such a mass pop culture fanbase?

    In anycase, if the publishing of a photo of the cast informally meeting up is going to generate such mass excitement on traditional and social media, it’s going to be impossible to avoid the hype in the leadup to the film actually being released.

  29. Like second marriages, new Star Wars films are an example of hope over experience. It’s not only the films, but the comic books, the paperbacks, the toys, the video games, that have had a hold over a certain generation (Generation X, mostly) that would like to have their childhood experiences repeated. I’m like you, Marco–the original trilogy was good but not life-changing, and I expect the new films will be a let-down, but the human extinct for hope is hard to snuff.

  30. Yeah, Mona Lisa, Roger Rabbit, Felicia’s Journey, Unleashed. Lots of great performances, although he should have been a lot more discriminating.

  31. Were the original trio of films that great that they going to have a neverending hold over the general public? I liked them as a kid but haven’t had any interest in them for decades. Is there a element of conformity in being part of such a mass pop culture fanbase?

    I don’t get it myself (particularly post-prequels). While the original has it’s moments, it also contains some absolutely horrendous acting and terrible pacing issues. I’ve seen Jedi under five times in 30 years and I’d be perfectly happy never to watch it again. Empire is the only truly good film in the franchise.

    Marco–the original trilogy was good but not life-changing, and I expect the new films will be a let-down, but the human extinct for hope is hard to snuff.

    I think it’s a given that they’ll be better than Lucas’ last three installments, although Star Trek into Darkness really made me question Abrams’ instincts.

  32. I think Jedi is the best, followed by ESB, then Star Wars (A New Hope). The prequel trilogy is awful. I didn’t know I was supposed to hate Jedi until the world wide web rolled around.

    I was obviously a child when Eps 4-6 came out, but I clearly remember holding out hope (before Jedi was released) that Darth Vader was not Luke’s father. It was incomprehensible that the ultimate baddie could be the father of the ultimate hero. That twist, the twin sister, the Emperor’s full reveal, Vader’s sacrifice…the story elements complete the saga perfectly. I have no problem with the Ewoks themselves or their primitive tools being capable of beating the Empire.

    Luke is fully awesome in ROTJ – a shrewd/calm/calculating Jedi who (along with Leia and, to some extent, Lando) masterminds a(nother) rescue/prison break; an action hero who defeats a Rancor, destroys Jabba’s sail barge, speeder bikes it through northern California, destroys Darth Vader in a lightsaber duel but never fully gives in to anger… He is the complete fulfillment of what was hoped for in Ep4, and portrays it perfectly.

    Jedi does suffer from the multiple battles that make for a bombastic frenetic ending, as well as a rehash of blowing up the death star. But for me it is the most fulfilling tale of the 3.

    Sidenote: the “William Shakespeare” Star Wars books/plays are actually quite good and often hilarious as well as offer a little extra in terms of motivation and inner monologue. Recommended leisure/light reading. http://quirkbooks.com/jedidothreturn

  33. I didn’t know I was supposed to hate Jedi until the world wide web rolled around.

    I don’t know why you don’t do mre reviews…

  34. Regarding Hoskins, I highly recommend The Long Good Friday, one of the best British crime dramas ever made (which is saying something). I have a feeling Filmman would love it.

  35. I wrote a snarky status about Hoskins and ‘bandwagon death pronouncements’ and The Long Good Friday, which I admire to the lengths of being creepy.

  36. Sometimes, if I’m having really bad sex (or alone) and can’t finish, I’ll put on the ending to The Long Good Friday, so I can finish…it’s that freaking good. The Bokeh, the look, the smirk…it’s all so good. I don’t know if it’s art, but I love it.
    “Shut up you long streak of paralyzed piss-“

  37. Sorry, Slim.
    And Dom Hemingway should absolutely have had the same type of ending. Layer Cake did it to great effect, and Dom Hemingway suffers for being so upbeat at the end. Law sure is doing his best to look and sound like Bob Hoskins in it, though.

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