Random Thread for May, 2014


It’s been a dizzying few months for Lupita Nyong’o. First an Oscar, then People’s Most Beautiful, and now cast in the new Star Wars, taking care of complaints that there were not enough women or people of color in the cast.


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  1. Really not caring at all about all this Star Wars. Lucas long ago lost my attention, when I stood in line at midnight and saw Jar Jar Binks. I remember turning around during the movie, at all the faces and people as StormTroopers and Darth and Wookies and thinking: “They’re *into* this?”

  2. I would argue they’re more of the ‘musical age’ than of ‘Westerns’.
    The archetypal hero of the western was a lot more in control of his ‘hero qualities’, and he had set codes and beliefs…these superhero movies kill half of a neighborhood of New York without even blinking an eye, like a musical that pretends death from street gangs is something to sing and dance over-it’s that disconnect that is baffling in how modern Hollywood handles the superhero.
    John Wayne would kill an Indian village to save a white baby…that’s what we once thought a hero was. But Wayne would never massacre half a whitey town to get some Native Americans.

  3. I think they are referring to the ubiquity of the genre. There were 7,000 Westerns made over the last century. There seem to be almost that many comic book films.

  4. From the latest Film Comment, the best movies with names for titles. I can’t think of any I would put in there except Michael Clayton. Also, it appears that the entire title must be a name, therefore no Citizen Kane, etc.

  5. Mary Poppins? And I haven’t seen it, and documentaries probably don’t count, but I hear Senna is really good.

  6. Artist / Alien designer HR Giger dead at 74. His last real film credit was for 1995’s Species, although he was reported to have done some work on Prometheus a couple of years back.

  7. The reviews are starting to roll in for X-Men Days of Future Past and they’re extremely positive (many calling it the best of the series). Pretty psyched.

  8. As Haley said last night on Modern Family: “Awww, you get me.”

    “I think we found a Transformer!”

  9. Edwards will be doing the Bobba Fett movie then?

    I don’t mind him as a choice, it’s not boring, but would have been more excited if someone like Joon-ho Bong or Gareth Evans was doing it.

    On the other hand, it’s a Star Wars movie, perhaps it’s better if those guys continue doing original work.

    That said, I want a Wes Anderson Star Wars movie – “The Unknown Adventures of R2D2”

  10. According to the article, Lucasfilm has not announced the subject matter. Boba Fett is a reasonable guess, but that was supposed to be written by Lawrence Kasdan, and this one is being written by Chris Witta, who’s dubious credits include The Book of Eli and After Earth.

  11. And the Wes Anderson R2 movie (simply titled ‘R-2’) is half stop-motion and half live-action, with the two shot in a constant ‘split screen’ with static shots to enhance the disconnect between the droids and the human characters, but each shot mirrors the other.

  12. I have no idea if it’s any good or not, but the Palm D’or winner, a three-hour plus film called “Winter Sleep,” sounds extraordinarily boring.

  13. Rewatched Close Encounters on glroious Blu-ray on a plasma screen and a sudden thought struck me: the movie is a hell of a lot less about alien visitation and everything about Spielberg’s (and any other successful director)’s journey through “Hollywood”. It’s amazing how strong the allusions are. You can watch it and go through each of the ‘stages’ and the things along the way to the eventual outcome of a passion so strong you give up everything to be a part of it.

  14. HBO’s A Normal Heart definitely straddles the line between “bad” and “so bad it’s good”. It really took me back to the type of well-meaning, over-the-top TV movies you’d see about social issues in the 80’s and 90’s.

    The editing is also interesting. I honestly thought I was watching a recap or “making of” feature at first because the transitions were so jarring. The entire film is edited like a “previously on” clip.

  15. I’m trying to edit it down from a line-by-line list of everything I didn’t like about it into something more coherent.

  16. He’s also doing another Independence Day?
    Okay………remakes are one thing, but remakes by the same directors who made them before? That’s just-crass. No?

  17. Haha. I’m trying to think of any other instances. George Sluizer did the Hollywood version of The Vanishing, Michael Haneke did Funny Games twice. Burton with Frankenweenie.

    I think the record holder has got to be Takashi Shimizu, who made the first Ju-On THREE times (DTV Japanese version, Japanese theatrical version, US remake The Grudge). He also made it as a student film, so really four times.

  18. And yeah, he’s doing another ID4 for FOX but that’s a direct sequel and not a remake. While it has a 4th of July weekend 2016 release date, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that doesn’t happen.

  19. Okay, but foreign language remakes don’t count. This was a Hollywood blockbuster that made tons of money. You have to be pretty creatively dry to remake a movie you already made that everyone already saw. Everyone.

  20. I notice that this weekend’s ‘Opening In…’ hasn’t been done as yet. I’ve had limited internet access recently but presuming that’s fine now, I’d be happy to fill in and do it retrospectively over the next day or so. Prob best to keep it as opening of films in the USA for consistency’s sake.

    Amongst other reasons, I’ve always liked the opening posts because it’s good to post short reviews of the films in that thread when you’ve seen them a few years later.

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