Opening in New Haven – Weekend of May 2nd, 2014


One major release this week and I could not care less about it.   This will be a recurring theme for the next four months.  Welcome to Summer 2014 at the movies!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2:  Excluding the excellent chemistry between stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone: there’s little reason to check out the second installment of Mark Webb’s Spider-Man reboot.

There are a lot of comparisons to Joel Schumacher’s Batman films in the reviews.  It’s reportedly overstuffed, broadly-played and obsessed with futile world building (as the series will undoubtedly be restarted yet again by the end of the decade).

I was going to talk a little about my admiration for Raimi’s Spider-Man 2, but I can’t be bothered.  I’ll just say that it’s genuinely sad how far this series has fallen in ten years.

Personal interest factor: 2

Blue Ruin: Thriller about a homeless man seeking revenge for the death of his parents.  Critics are going apeshit for it (95% on RT) which is obviously, uh, a good reason to watch.  It’s also available on iTunes, Vudu, OnDemand, Amazon, what have you.

Helmer Jeremy Saulnier is allegedly in the running to take over for Cary Fukunaga on the next season of True Detective.

Personal interest factor: 8

In terms of classic fare: The Criterion is showing The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) Friday and Saturday evening and Doctor Zhivago (1965) Saturday and Sunday morning.


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  1. As I said a few weeks previously, I liked the first Spiderman ‘reboot’ but when I saw a trailer for this I was so bored by it that it put me off seeing it.

  2. The more I look at comments and reactions to the reviews of this Spider-Man, the more inexplicably impervious the Marvel movies appear. There is no slowing these down, and it sure doesn’t seem like anything is going to trip them up, again, no matter how poor they are.

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