Random Thread for June 2014


A life without love is like a year without summer. ~Swedish Proverb

Welcome back Nick!


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  1. Thanks, Joe!

    I’ll be visiting my sister in New York for a few short days, wednesday to friday, but have a full schedule there (some work is included) so sadly will not have time for a Double Down Saloon reunion with my East Coast hombres.

  2. Other Swedish proverbs:

    “Don’t buy the pig while it’s still in the bag”

    “Can’t kill a rabbit with a close shot”

    “No cow on the ice.”

    “Tastes are like asses. Divided.”

    “You suspect owls in the bog”

  3. I’m finding these “Swedish Proverbs” discussions oddly comforting. Glad you’re back, Nick.

  4. I was just going to comment on that…and 6 weeks from release. That’s huge for a studio to leave a hole that late in the game, no?

  5. More news about the Star Wars spin-offs: one will be about Boba Fett, as theorized, the other about a young Han Solo. As mentioned before, one will be directed by Gareth Edwards, and it’s been announced that the other will be directed by Josh Trank (Chronicle). Not clear who is directing which one.

  6. So here’s some news. This past weekend I was in Las Vegas visiting my long-term, long distance girlfriend. We finally decided we’re going to get married. Don’t know when, probably the fall, and as soon as financially feasible I’m going to move out there.

  7. Congratulations, Slim! Happy for you!

    Best of luck with the move to Vegas. Aside from the potential lack art house cinema (and good libraries?), it does seem like your kind of town.

  8. Thanks to VOD/iTunes/Vudu/etc. the art house cinema (outside major metro areas and college towns) will be mostly extinct in another decade or so anyway.

    The good news is that those films will have a wider potential audience than ever before, although it’s still up to the distributor to aggressively market them.

  9. You know, I like ‘insane creativity’ as much as the next guy, but I have to admit I don’t ‘get’ Lars Von Trier, I don’t like his films, and I don’t want to watch them.
    I think I understand why he’s important to film, that I get-but I’d rather have like, the independent nature of a John Sayles or a Michael Bay to keep filmmaking from getting too ‘flat’.
    And don’t pretend for a moment Bay isn’t important to keeping filmmaking fresh and new and important. Without Michael Bay, legions of young filmmakers wouldn’t ever be more motivated to make their voices heard.

  10. Regarding Bay–you’re nuts. I don’t want to see any films by directors inspired by Bay. He’s a hack. A high paid hack, but a hack down to his bones. Have you seen Pearl Harbor? The Island? Garbage.

  11. But that;’s my point. It motivates so many independent directors who want to show they can reach that level of success he has while making *better movies*.
    They may not reach it, but Bay motivates them to do so, and in turn, is integral to independent film in that manner.

  12. With Blackfish continuing to have repercussions on Sea World’s bottom line, it’s interesting that the 30th anniversary of the park’s greatest disaster came and went last year with little fanfare.

    In 1983: a great white shark entered the park through a broken gate (that led directly into the Atlantic) and caused the death of renowned animal photographer Philip Fitzroyce and several Sea World employees. The creature also partially collapsed a section of The Undersea Kingdom, leaving hundreds trapped beneath the surface for hours in waist-high water.

    Thank God for engineer Mike Brody, who overruled ineffectual CEO Calvin Bouchard and killed the shark with a grenade.

  13. Actually, you had me all the way up to ‘grenade’, when I should have realized on ‘Brody’.

  14. The #1 and #2 grossers of the year so far:

    I can’t ever remember a case where the top two films were separated by so little. The Lego Movie should lose most of it’s theaters shortly (as it is hitting Blu Ray) but can Captain America make enough in dollar theaters over the next few weeks to beat it? I’m sure Disney will do everything in their power to make it happen.

  15. Two television series (although he’ll only be producing GFE) and wearing just about every hat on Magic Mike XL except Director. Can you imagine what Soderbergh’s output will be when he un-retires?

  16. James, fyi, though you set it up, @goneelsewhere is not your personal twitter. As much as we may agree with Blackfish or any other cause, this isn’t a “cause” site. It’s a JAWS site!

  17. Good point, I’ll go ahead and change it. I will say we’re up 25 followers in two weeks, so if someone wants to post post dedicated messages on there (beyond our current auto-posting) it would probably be helpful. Anyone want to run it?

  18. Well, Black is a talented guy and Predator was a pretty important moment in his career so I’ll be interested to see what he does with it. I assume this means a full-out Alien remake is edging closer to reality, particularly if Prometheus 2 is falling apart.

  19. Predator was an important moment in his career? He was playing the fifth lead who is the first one to die. How important could it have been? He’d already made a quarter of a million for Lethal Weapon…

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