Opened in America, May 30 2014


Maleficent (current IMDB rating 7.5) – Already reviewed (largely negatively) here by Joe Webb, this reimagining of Disney’s 1959 animated film ‘Sleeping Beauty’ has been a major box office success with critical reaction generally positive. If nothing else it’s a personal triumph for Angelina Jolie who hadn’t appeared in a live-action film since 2010.

A Million Ways to Die In the West (IMDB 6.4) – Already considered a major flop after its dismal opening weekend (coupled with a poor critical response), there certainly seems to be fair bit of hubris on writer/director/star Seth MacFarlane’s part. Especially so with his decision to star in this film when – despite his fame and noted writing/voicing/creating talents – he had no notable record or appeal as an actor.

I disliked his previous film ‘Ted’ quite a bit so am not surprised this film has fallen flat with critics and the public. I may be obliged by circumstance to see this over the next week or thereabouts so will see if it is any improvement on ‘Ted’.

The Grand Seduction (IMDB 7.3) – Comedy starring failed blockbuster star Taylor Kitsch.

Night Moves (IMDB 6.6) – Despite a notable cast including Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning and Peter Sarsgaard, this film about three radical environmentalists looking to explode a dam only has a limited release.

We Are the Best!  (IMDB 7.0) – Swedish film set in the 1980s trying against the odds to start a punk band.

Korengal (IMDB 7.4) – Documentary examining soldiers in the war in Afghanistan

Elena (IMDB 7.6) – Documentary about a Brazilian woman going to America to try and become an actress

Filth (IMDB 7.1) – British film about a corrupt cop seeking redemption. Starring Brian’s favourite actor James McAvoy.

Lucky Them (IMDB 6.4) – Drama set in the rock scene. Has an impressive cast of Toni Collette, Thomas Haden Church (never really kicked on from his Sideways success a decade ago) and Oliver Platt but judging by the limited release and modest IMDB rating, this won’t make much of an impact.




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  1. “Opened in America” – fantastic.

    What, you think I wouldn’t appreciate the look at worldwide openings? Do we have no other Australian followers?

  2. Nice job, Marco. I put this in the “Openings” category. Interesting to do it after the fact, so we know how films went over.

    I’ll take June, but if you would like a month to yourself, Marco, please raise your hand.

  3. We Are the Best! is a very sweet film, with a great trio of actresses. that rarely feels dishonest. Nice to see Moodysson bounce back with something uplifting again.

  4. A Million Ways to Die in the West is pretty terrible. Poor characterizations, lazy writing, meandering plot and really poor directing. Just really bad all around.

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