Opened in America, July 6-7 2014


Tammy (current IMDB rating 4.6) – As evidenced by the very low IMDB rating, there seems to have been a backlash developing against this Melissa McCarthy comedy even before it got released (I noticed it at that level on the day it was released, suggesting some may have voted without seeing it). Perhaps it’s due to an element of resentment towards some feeling baffled at how much of a major star McCarthy has become based on what seems to be one-note stuff. Perhaps it’s because of the trailer which, having just viewed it, makes the film look terrible. In anycase, the film opened to moderate box-office and terrible reviews so whatever goodwill McCarthy has built up may be going to waste.


Deliver Us From Evil (6.6) – After largely bombing on the weekend, Eric Bana’s efforts to be an A-list star continue to splutter on unsuccessfully. However, considering his background in Australia was largely as a stand-up comic, he’s done very well to have substantial an acting career in Hollywood as he has. In anycase, this plot about excorisms and “unconventional priests” is about as interesting to me as watching paint dry.

Earth To Echo (5.8) – The plotline of this kid’s film (encrypted messages leads a group of kids to an alien who needs their help) sounds more interesting than the two other new films this week, but reviews and public reaction aren’t good.

A Hard Day’s Night (reissue) (7.7) – The classic Beatles/Richard Lester film gets a 50th anniversary re-release. Even today the film seems genuinely original and refreshing but in 1964 it was revolutionary, especially in a British cinema who in the previous 15 years was often (while capable of quality) often rather stolid and pale compared to Hollywood. Yet it was this film that was largely responsible for the Swinging Sixties London image and made Hollywood studios rush to invest in British films for a few years. However, by the end of the 1960s that came crashing down.

If nothing else, this makes me realise that I’ve watched far too few of Richard Lester’s films.


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  1. Was out on holiday with my wife the other day and looking for a film to watch in the area. There weren’t many viable options, so ‘Tammy’ it was!

    Is this as bad its reputation suggests? Pretty much. At best it’s a (relatively) harmless timewaster but on all levels this is a failure.

    As a comedy it’s a total shambles. The slapstick scenes with McCarthy (and her doing schtick) are so inept they’re painful to watch. How did mainstream film comedy descend to this level?

    As a character-based drama, (based around McCarthy & her grandma played by Susan Sarandon) it isn’t quite as bad. It tries hard and has enough narrative events in the second to create some level of interest, but it isn’t skilled enough to work. McCarthy is too limited an actress to make her sometimes crude/sometimes sympathetic character seem to be just a screenplay construct.

    Sarandon (in yet another recent film unworthy of her talents) does pretty well; in fact, the film would’ve been more interesting had it been centred around her character.

    Rating: D+

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