Opened in New Haven – Weekend of July 25th, 2014


LucyJohansson’s first solo action vehicle, Lucy, earned a terrific 44M over the weekend which automatically propels the actress to the top ranks of female stars (at least in terms of those who can beat people up on-screen). While an iffy C+ Cinemascore indicates audiences weren’t exactly in love with the picture, it would take a pretty catastrophic drop in week two for Universal not to push a sequel.  What a comeback for the actress, who appeared to be headed towards career oblivion just five years ago.

Luc Besson (The Professional, The Fifth Element, producer of Taken) directs. Morgan Freeman and Min-sik Choi (the original Oldboy, in his Hollywood debut) co-star.

Personal interest factor: 6

HerculesThe increasingly-grotesque Dwayne Johnson stars in Brett Ratner’s non-mystical Hercules feature.  Critics (62% on RT) were mostly kind to the film, which led some to ask why Paramount decided to hide the picture until the last minute. It could be they misjudged how

Hercules opened 15M below Lucy, despite 2.5 times the price tag.  While they might make some of it up overseas – it’s yet another disappointing opener for Johnson, who has proven time and time again that he can not open something where a) he is the solo lead b) the film is not part of an existing franchise.

Personal interest factor: 5


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