With a big final week Juan jumped from 4th to 2nd place! Slim still can’t lose, even while moving across the country, and ended up over 50 points for the season which may be the highest total yet (I’m too lazy to go back).

What I’m not too lazy to find out is that even with Juan’s big final week, Slim could have stopped playing after July 7th (nearly two months ago) and still won the game. That is total domination.

Congratulations to Jackrabbit Slim – our AGEBOC ’14 winner!

(To find out the rules of the game, go to the main thread for AGEBOC 09.)

FINAL rankings


Aged Box

Jackrabbit Slim – 50.5

Juan – 31.5
Joe Webb – 28
Rob – 26
James – 22
filmman – 16
Marco – 9
Nick – 2.5


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  1. With the first place outcome being inevitable for so long, this almost feels like a win. Almost. Kinda. But I’m still honored.

  2. Astonishing performance by Slim this year. And congrats to Juan as well. Filmman outperforming Nick and Marco is embarrassing though.

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