Opened in America, September 12 2014


No Good Deed (IMDB rating 5.9) – This generic looking home invasion thriller has gotten lousy reviews from critics (and judging by its IMDB rating, the public) but has exceeded expectations at the box office, in a period where many films have underwhelmed in that area.

Dolphin Tale 2 (6.8) – I didn’t realise until last weekend that this film and its predecessor were directed by Charles Martin Smith, most famous for his acting career including American Graffiti and as the most atypical member of The Untouchables. I did see many years ago his directorial debut ‘Trick Or Treat’ which iirc was mildly interesting.

The Drop (8.0) – This crime film has gotten good critical reviews and is also notable as the last starring role of actor James Gandolfini. His film career didn’t match the success of his iconic TV role but it seemed he was just breaking out into a really rich vein of work before his untimely passing.

Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? (5.1) – Considering the total disinterest the first two films in this series provided, this surely must be the least desired sequel in modern memory. But going by the trailer it would provide some unintentional humour. Trivia note: on an early 1980s appearance on ‘Donohue’, Ayn Rand said one of her favourite TV shows was Charlie’s Angels.

The Skeleton Twins (7.4) – Opening in limited release with potential expansion later on, this film has gotten good notices so far. However the plotline – estranged twins reunite after coincidentally cheating death on the same day (?!?) seems so self-consciously it seems like a parody of a Sundance film (where it of course premiered). And it co-stars Kristen Wiig who’ve I never particularly rated. But it may be one worth catching up with.

My Old Lady (7.3) – British-American film that has a notable cast including Kevin Kline, Maggie Smith & Kristen Scott-Thomas. Of interest to me is that it’s the directorial debut of veteran playwright/writer Israel Horovitz, whose work in the late 1960s was what first brought Al Pacino & John Cazale to public attention. He also wrote the screenplay for the 1970 campus drama ‘The Strawberry Statement’ which I saw recently; interesting as a historical piece but not a very good film.

The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby (7.7) – This sounds like an unmade sequel to Yellow Submarine but is actually a fascinating concept: a relationship told from three different perspectives. This version is apparently the ‘Them’ version with ‘Him’ & ‘Her’ to be released soon. One worth seeking out I reckon.

The Green Prince (7.0) – Documentary on an individual spying case within the Israel/Palestine conflict.

Take Me To the River (7.9) – American music documentary

Bird People (6.2) – Drama about an American in Paris who has an existential crisis while in a hotel.


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