Opening in Las Vegas, October 17, 2014


The big film opening this week is Fury (63), the war film from David Ayer and Brad Pitt, who is once again killing Nazis. Despite the lackluster reviews it’s a must-see for me. Kevin Jagernauth: “It’s not the most complex WWII movie you’ll see, but there’s no denying the blunt intensity of Fury, and even if it doesn’t sustain, Ayer commits to staring straight into hellish eye of war and bringing audiences along to witness every gruesome detail.”

For masochists, or men who have to go to the movies with their wives/girlfriends, there’s The Best of Me (27), another adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks book. Joe Williams: “Sparks would be delighted if this movie were compared to his other story about reunited lovers, but compared to “The Notebook,” The Best of Me is the coffee-stained outline of a sales pitch for sleeping pills.”

The Book of Life (66) is an animated film set in Mexico, but somehow has Channing Tatum as the lead voice. Geoff Berkshire: “The Book of Life is undoubtedly stuffed with more business than its fleet, kid-friendly running time can properly handle. Yet Gutierrez’s confident delivery of the material remains so buoyant and passionately felt throughout that he almost gets away with it.”

Pride (80) is set in 1984 and is about a collaboration between union workers and gay activists in Thatcher’s England. Charles Gant: “While some broad strokes won’t be to everybody’s taste… overall the film is so warmhearted, its themes of friendship and mutual respect so resonant, that few will begrudge it such heightened moments.”




About Jackrabbit Slim

Location: Vegas, Baby! I’m much older than the other whippersnappers here, a baby boomer. I tend to be more snobbish about film, disdaining a lot of the multiplex fare for “cinema.” My favorite films: Woody Allen’s oeuvre (up until about 1990), The Godfather, The Graduate, A Hard Day’s Night, Pulp Fiction. Politics: Well, George McGovern was my political hero. I’m also a prickly atheist. Occupation: Poised to be an English teacher in Las Vegas. For many years I was an editor at Penthouse Magazine. My role on this blog seems to be writing lots of reviews and being the resident Oscar maven.

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