Movies Opening in New Haven – Weekend of November 14th, 2014


Dumb and Dumber To: Far too late sequel to the 1994 classic Jim Carrey/Jeff Daniels comedy.  Looks desperate, lazy and cheap.  The Farrelly Brothers, who haven’t made anything of note in 16 years, direct.

Saturday PM update:  The Universal comedy should land in the mid 30’s for the weekend, securing the #1 spot.   However, a decidedly unfunny B- Cinemascore does not bode well for word of mouth.  Expect a disastrous second weekend drop.

Trailer: Youtube  Rotten Tomatoes: 28% Metacritic: 37

Personal interest factor: 3. No doubt that I’ll see it eventually, but this is absolutely nothing that needs to be seen theatrically.

Rosewater: Jon Stewart’s directorial debut stars Gael Garcia Bernal as Maziar Bahari, an Iranian journalist wrongly imprisoned as a spy. Based on a true story.

Personal interest factor: 6.  Stewart has reportedly made a more-than-admirable first feature. I’ve felt like he’s had one foot out the door at The Daily Show for some time, so I’m curious to see how the reception to Rosewater impacts his future plans.

Trailer: YouTube  Rotten Tomatoes: 73% Metacritic: 66

Beyond the Lights: Bodyguard-redux about a pop star who falls in love with her protector. The movie itself sounds like your standard, disposable, soapy drama – but critics are raving about Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s star-making lead performance.

Trailer: YouTube  Rotten Tomatoes: 85%  Metacritic: 71

Personal interest factor: 6, but mainly to see Mbatha-Raw’s work.

For classic fare: The Criterion in New Haven is running The Warriors (1979) Friday and Saturday evening and The Big Sleep (1946) Saturday and Sunday morning. on Friday evening.

The Whitney Humanities Center at Yale is screening Hold ‘Em Yale (1928) with Live Piano Accompaniment on Friday at 7:00 pm and Some Like it Hot (1959) on Saturday evening.


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  1. I loved ‘Dumb & Dumber’ probably my favourite comedy of the 1990s. But this trailer looks like recycled slop and it’s a bit sad seeing Carrey/Daniels doing this again at their age.

    Got it had to the Farrelly Brothers though, virtually every film they’ve made since ‘There’s Something About Mary’ has underperformed and underwhelmed critically/financially and yet they’re still living off their reps of their 1990s work.

  2. This should do well enough to buy them another studio feature, but unless Dumb is successful enough to spawn sequels they’re pretty much done long-term. It’s not 1998 anymore.

    Comedy is a young man’s game and they’re relics.

  3. As a HUGE fan of the original Dumb and Dumber, I can tell you this is a basically non-offensive sequel. It doesn’t sully the original at all for me. It’s just that it’s not very good.

    The first film nailed it from virtually every angle. From the look, to the casting, to the acting, to the writing, to the damn music – it was spot on. This one – just a movie. Some stuff works. A lot doesn’t. Carrey and Daniels are on their A game, slipping right back into their roles with effortless ease, but the material isn’t there. Even with other established writers helping them, the Farrelly’s couldn’t come up with enough solid or fresh laughs. And a lot of the material just doesn’t feel authentic to Lloyd and Harry. Like the writers approached the scenes thinking, “Okay, let’s come up with a funny gag for this one”, rather than, “Okay, what would Lloyd and Harry make of this situation and how could it then lead them into trouble?”.

    Speaking to authenticity, let’s talk about THE WORLD that these films take place in. The first film felt like it took place in our world. In terms of the look it was gritty. It was grimy. It had shadows. There was an edge. A hint of danger that something really bad could happen. The sequel is bright and sunny. Even their apartment looks somehow less depressing.

    The other authentic aspect of the world of the original film was the characters. They could be real people, save for Lloyd and Harry, two moronic aberrations. And the fun came watching these two trying to make their way through the real world and the to see real people react to them. In the sequel there are nuts all around. This has basically been the Farrelly world from Kingpin on. But Dumb and Dumber just doesn’t belong in this world.

  4. That’s a great take on the first DAD film. Around the centre of the insane and absurd behaviour of the central characters was a rough, realistic world. The lack of slickness in the filming style and some of the supporting acting performances actually worked in its favour.

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